Families App

Families App

Production of an app that has been designed by a youth group to help with expression and communication of family situations

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This project has been designed by a group of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds from the Highfields area of Leicester.   They initially designed a board game which is designed around different family scenarios and events.  The aim of the game is to survive life and make good life choices.  The group became really excited with this game that they asked if they could develop this further.  Research has showed us we can develop this into an app for around 5K. The young people have been developing ideas and plans and would now like to put them in motion and see their dream come true.  

The app is designed similarly to a comic strip, a bit like bit strips, the popular facebook game.  The player can take different paths in life and see the result.  The young people have really enjoyed playing this game, along with some of us adults.  The app will be able to download on iphone, ipad and android and will be free to download.  The app could also be used as a way of communication and expression for the young people, giving them their chance to tell their story.  The animations will be able to be uploaded onto social media sites for friends to comment.  

 We will have a launch period of 3 months where the app will be showcased in Leicester Libraries.  

The bulk of the money we raise will be used to put the app into production, this will take around 6 weeks and will cost around £3500.  The rest of the money will be used for artistic direction, materials, software, marketing and publicity.

The group of young people that has developed this project age between 10-15 years, they are very excited about trying to develop this idea further.  The app will be their own legacy and will build their confidence.  They come from a range of backgrounds and have all experienced different problems.  The group has put their own life experiences and those of their family into the development of this app.  

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