Year R & KS1 Outdoor Learning & Play Area

We need to build an outdoor learning & play area for Year R & KS1 children in the school. This will be a much used & loved area.

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Project aim

We need to build an outdoor learning & play area for Year R & KS1 children in the school. This will be a much used & loved area.

About the project

Friends Of Hamble Primary School are a fundraising group raising additional money to provide facilities & equipment to benefit the learning and happiness of the children at Hamble Primary School. We are also a registered charity (Number 113500)

‘Friends of Hamble Primary School’ has BIG plans for an outdoor learning area at Hamble Primary School and we need your help! As a parent-led fundraising volunteer group, we often rely on a wider community to support initiatives and as a business there are lots of ways you could get involved. We’d really appreciate it if you would read on to find out more about our ambitious 2015 vision.


We’re raising money to transform the outdoor area next to our Year R classrooms. Our vision for this area includes remodelling 1/3 of an acre of the school grounds into an enriched outdoor classroom environment, complete with a cycle track for learning to cycle & road safety, mud kitchen, bug hotel, sandpit, den-making … everything we need to enable our children to get outside, get stuck in, and do the things children love to do whilst learning along the way.

 You can watch a video about the plans:

 After four years of a lot of effort, discos and cake sales we’re proud to have already raised £10,000 of our £25,000 target. As a local business, could you help us raise the remaining funds so that the children don’t have to wait another four years before the kids can have their outdoor classroom?


Financial support – big or small – would be truly amazing. £10 would buy Seed Trays, Propagators, Jumbo Scoops or Outdoor Chalk, £1,000 would buy a large storage shed, and amounts in between could fund anything from road markings & signs for the cycle track to pulleys and buckets to out door science equipment or a sandpit.

We do appreciate that not everyone can support us financially. If your business is not able to make a financial donation, would you help spread the word instead?

  • Circulate this to your employees who may be able to offer their time to help clear, build, paint, etc.
  • Forward this to another company who think may be able to help in some way
  • Share our initiative on FaceBook by clicking
  • Retweet on Twitter by clicking

Or, maybe your business is ideally suited to providing goods or services instead? Anything from timber supplies or paint to outdoor chalk – helping us piece together our vision would be quite simply, awesome.


Foremost, we hope that supporting this initiative will give satisfaction that you’ve helped a community initiative that will make an enormous difference to our school children today and for many generations to come.

 We will also have “sponsored by” / “kindly donated by” plaques displayed prominently by the new outdoor area. Year in, year out, morning and afternoon, hoards of parents will congregate beside this sign, waiting to drop off or collect their children. Your name would also appear on the Friends of Hamble Primary School website plus we’re planning a big media push at launch – all companies will be mentioned, and you can advertise your support via your own marketing channels. (And not forgetting the tax relief available on charitable donations means your accountant shouldn’t grumble either!)


Every single penny counts and we’d be so grateful for your support. You can donate directly by visiting, or contact Friends’ HQ by emailing or phoning 02380 453678.

On behalf of Hamble Primary School, “Thank you!”:

Friends of Hamble Primary School

Charity no: 1135800

C/O Hamble Primary School

Hamble Lane


SO31 4ND



Twitter: @FOHamblePrimary

Here are some of the items we would like to be able to purchase to fill the area: