Enjoy the Scots language

Enjoy the Scots language

Would love to visit a school or community group near you, support us to help with transport costs and to order more folders and leaflets.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We have visited schools and community groups all over the country. SLD staff talk at conferences, festivals and work jointly with a range of partners interested in the work of SLD and Scots language generally. Our websites have background information about Scots as well as details of our latest projects at www.scotsdictionaries.org.uk . The online Dictionary of Scots Language at www.dsl.ac.uk can be accessed free but we want even more interest and discussion.

Are you interested in local variations in Scots, does a group near you love writing in Scots? Does your family always use Scots? Spoken and written Scots both interest us.

If you pledge money, we can print more cards and leaflets to go out to more groups.

Websites, social media and word-of-mouth all help us reach more people but visiting with materials and  talking to groups really matters to SLD and the local communities.

Many groups give us donations towards travel or they 'sponsor a Scots word' but others can't afford to.

If we reach £800 we can print leaflets to take on our visits and keep in touch with these groups over the year. Please commit to helping us with the Scots wirds project. Pledge money for the project.