Bronze Degree Show-Stopper

Bronze Degree Show-Stopper

To create a bronze cast sheet of fur to be the centre piece of the final year Fine Art degree show work.

We did it!

On 12th May 2014 we successfully raised £600 of £600 target with 11 supporters in 42 days


The project goal is to raise enough money to make the most spectacular and ambitious piece of bronze casting Norwich University of the Arts (and the world...) has ever seen.



I am a final year student on a BA (hons) degree and I am aiming to showcase an impressive sculpture that features a large bronze component.

My Degree Show is designed to show what my four long years of study have culminated in. From a persistent interest in conservation, I have had the desire to cast a sheet of fur in bronze to bring new luxuriousness to the process of skinning and tanning which is generally an ugly and dirty business.


The money raised will be used to complete the complex Bronze work to make it the focal point of the show. Succeeding with this work will allow me to continue in my ambition to move into this area by completing an MA Principles of Conservation course, which has heavily influenced my art practice and the formation of this piece


The size and ambition of this piece and my determination to become a Trained conservator, is a reflection of my work ethic; I will always aim to create something regardless of the inherent obstacles and pursue a project to achieve something worthwhile.

So much time and effort has gone into this project so far and I hope to continue this to make something that I, the incredible technicians, and the university can be proud of.





This Is the fur in its original form and the shape that I stiffened it to stay in.

The fur sheet was then cut into three sections and encased in plaster, placed in the kiln for burning out to give me a fur shape void, and then filled with bronze.

This is a sample of what the bronze will look like when it is cleaned up capturing a lot of the fur like detail; it has a softness that contradicts the heavy metal.



 Finalised idea

Yes, it's a huge task, yes many are worried that it won't be done in time but I want show those doubters that they were wrong and ultimately just create something beautiful to end my time as an art student.


For those generous people who offer a pledge, I will send you with massive thanks:

A postcard sized print of one of our images for pledges from £10

An A5 print for pledges from £20

And an A4 print for any pledge over £35

A signed personalised print (pick any animal you want) and a photo print for £50

Your name displayed as official supporter, a large personalised print and a hug for £100


And of course a personal invitation to the Private view event at Norwich University of the Arts, if you wish to come along and view the work in its splendor thanks to your support!


Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my Crowdfunder Pitch and for considering pledging to this cause.


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