Canine Motorcycle Recovery

Canine Motorcycle Recovery

An emergency service setup by bikers, to help bikers.

We did it!

On 17th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £191 with 21 supporters in 37 days

 I set up Canine Recovery at the start of 2015 when a friends motorcycle was stolen and found burned out.

I managed to borrow a trailer and went to recover the wreck for the young lady whose bike had been stolen only to run up against a Police Officer who was adamant that they were going to seize the wreckage and thus cost my friend hundreds of pounds in impound and storage fees.


I wasnt about to let that happen and made sure she got the wreckage of the bike back so she could get the insurance process started immediately.


From then on I became busier and busier helping bikers who had broken down without breakdown cover, up to the point where I secured funding to invest in a triple trailer to help more people.


I operated then and now on a 24 hour basis with the exclusive goal of giving stranded bikers that one option of assistance where they may have no other alternative to get themselves and their machine home.

I decided to do this recovery setup on a 'fuel cost only' basis with the sole goal of saving people money as best I could.

I have been called out many times at 2,3,and 4 am in the morning in order to go to a crashed or stranded bikers assistance where they may not have breakdown cover in place, or are looking at the very real possibility of their bike being taken to an impound and then having to pay hundreds of pounds in impound and storage fees.

The whole point of my setup is to give an avenue to all bikers in need of having someone they can call to avoid that happening, and to only pay for the fuel it costs me to get to them and get them home safely. 

With previous investment that has been fully repaid I have equipped myself with a large heavy trailer and all the equipment I could possibly need.

However I am now becoming that busy as the weather turns nasty that I find myself needing to acquire another vehicle, hopefully a second hand van that I can equip to expand my service and hopefully help more people in the long run. 

I have involved myself in community projects, offering emergency services, NHS and military personnel recovery and assistance free of charge in order to repay the the debt that we as society owe them.

I am also proud to be associated with North West UK bikers sponsored by Blackpool Honda, and am privileged to be their recomended recovery setup for bikers in need, no matter what the time day or night.

If I can raise £3000 it is my intention to acquire a second hand van, equip it and provide a better and expanded service at as low a cost to all bikers across a wider region as I can.

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