Body Confidence Calendar 2015

Goals: Print calendars to raise £50,000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer Promote early detection using TLC Inspire Body Confidence in women

We did it!

On 4th Jul 2014 we successfully raised £7,257 of £7,000 target with 172 supporters in 28 days

* * * We've now reached our target so the project has been funded * * *

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We believe that everybody deserves to feel good about themselves.

That means feeling confident and happy in your own skin, no matter what your size, shape or colour. We want to make a difference. We want to inspire other women. We also want to help put an end to breast cancer by supporting the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity.

To do this we aim to produce and sell 5,000 copies of our fabulous glossy A3 calendar, which features 13 real women, inspiring quotes and professional style advice. Our cover girl, Maria, was diagnosed with breast cancer six months ago and had her final chemotherapy treatment the day after the photo shoot, although you wouldn't know it, she looks amazing! Her early diagnosis and positivity have been a key factor as she's responding very well to treatment and we want to make sure that all women have the same opportunity by raising awareness of the Touch Look Check campaign.

We need to raise £7,000 to print and distribute the calendars so that every single penny of the £50,000 from sales goes straight to the charity.

We have been working hard at this for over six months and had fantastic support so far. The amazing, award-winning team at Media Wisdom have created some stunning photos (which are all top secret until we launch in late September!) and we have a beautiful, classy design by the equally amazing, award-winning team at Wordsearch Ltd. All we need now is to get them printed.

So how about it? Want to help us make a difference? Let's do it.

Our most popular pledge is to 'Own your Favourite Day' for £20 - you can have your birthday, anniversary or any special occasion you like! Just check availability on the 'Fancy a date?' project update and then leave a comment or send us a message once you've made your pledge.

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