Blackpool Through The Eyes Of Others

This is to produce an alternative promotional video for Blackpool.We aim to focus on the artistic and cultural vibrancy of the town.

We did it!

On 4th Nov 2014 we successfully raised £7,510 of £7,500 target with 181 supporters in 56 days

Help us produce a positive video showing Blackpool in a different perspective to the stereotype that exists today.

Our idea is to make a positive short film about Blackpool that highlights all the positive creativity, beauty and art within the town. Blackpool gets a very raw deal from a lot of media outlets or it just get the stereotypical fairground 'kiss me quick' image when really there is so much more.

We want to highlight that there is many more attractions within the town and a vibrant artistic scene that looks like its continuously going from strength to strength. We have galleries and theatre , festivals and urban art shows, contemporary dance and many more pop up independent attractions that just don't get enough coverage. The fact is we are a seaside town and you know whats here already as it's been here for years but we want to try and expand your view and perhaps your stay here to enjoy much more than you bargained for.

Who are we?

My name is Mark Davis otherwise known as Chinny. I'm from Blackpool and have been a promoter of events here for many years. I also work in Manchester, Leeds and London on a regular basis as an events coordinator and DJ with Blackpool brands Cowbell Radio and Alfresco. Also partnering in this event is Danny Gomez who is a film maker / web designer under the guise of Void Matter, recent winners of National Short Film Awards by The Guardian newspaper.

Why Crowdfund?

..Crowdfunding seems ideal to fund this project, we have people waiting to back us and we also have the general public wanting to do their bit in showing their pride in where we live. All of the money raised will be going solely towards the filming and editing of the film made.


We have five rewards as yet and they tie in with what we want to a achieve, we may add more though.

Reward 1 ) For a £10 donation you get a listed credit on this film ( unlimited availability )

Reward 2 ) For £25 you get a limited A3 print numbered 1-50 on heavy card of a Blackpool image that shows the town in an artistic light, you have a choice of 5 images. You also get a credit on the film.  (200 available )

Reward 3 ) For £50 you have a choice of the images of  reward 2 but on a more limited scale of numbered 1-10 on heavy card in the size of A2 . You also get a credit on the film. ( 50 available )

Reward 4 ) For £125 you get the full set of numbered A3 prints plus a larger credit on the film and two tickets to Alfresco 2015. ( 8 available)

Reward 5 ) For £1000 you get a full screen advert at the end of this video plus and advert in 5000 Alfresco 2015 brochures. You also get a full set of the A3 prints as well as 4 AAA tickets to Alfresco 2015. This is the option for the corporate or business sponsor and there are only 2 available . ( 2 available )

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