Locavore's Big Plan

We have an idea to change the world one shopping basket at a time; a social enterprise supermarket which stands up for a better food system.

We did it!

On 15th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £17,175 of £15,000 target with 285 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

If we reach our overfunding target we will attempt a hostile takeover of a British supermarket chain with intention of transforming it into a social enterprise dedicated to food sustainability.

Otherwise.... all extra monies will go towards our #BigPlan!

We have an idea to change the world one shopping basket at a time... A social enterprise supermarket which stands up for a better food system. 


About Us: 

Locavore is a social enterprise which exists to help build a more sustainable local food system which is better for our local economy, the environment and our communities.

Since 2011 we've been working to develop ideas and practical solutions which can be used to deliver a better food network. Over this time we have opened a shop, developed a market garden, established a veg box scheme and got lots of people more engaged in thinking about issues around food, where it comes from, and the fairness and sustainability of mainstream supply chains.

It’s about making the money spent on food do more for the benefit of society and our environment.

Why it's important:

Everyone eats food, and the food we choose to eat has far reaching impacts which shape our landscapes, streetscapes and local economic situations. What we eat impacts our health, but also everything else in the world with issues as wide ranging as deforestation, climate change, animal welfare, public health, exploitation of the global poor and workers rights. It’s fair to say we have a lot more than food on our plates

We think at the root of all these big overwhelming global and local problems is the basic model of the big corporations who run the food system. They exist to extract as much money as possible from customers for the benefit of their shareholders. With supermarket chains in the UK holding 97% the grocery market it’s not much of a surprise that things are in such a dire state.

Our simple solution to creating a more just and sustainable food system is to replace shareholders with values.

We want to replace maximum profit as the aim of the game with maximum benefit to society to start creating the kind of food economy that is better for all in society, not just shareholders.


What next - Social Enterprise Supermarket

If we want to change the food system for the better we need to become a bigger part of it. To do this we need to scale up what we do and start playing in the same field as the established supermarkets. That means launching a much bigger and better shop which can go head to head with the supermarkets, tackling their market share, and using our share to shape a more sustainable local food economy.

 To do this we want to take on a property of around 1000m2 (10,000ft2) in a prominent location in Glasgow to launch our first big store.

 We want our grocery store to be the sort of place in which most people can do most of their shopping. That means providing a really good selection of everyday groceries which hold up our principles, including good value.

 An unparalleled selection of fresh local and organic fruit & vegetables will be a key part of the store, as will an emporium of unpackaged foods & goods that includes everything from grains & pulses to oils and beer.

 Along with these staple ingredients we’ll sell a broad range of everyday grocery lines and a wide selection of organic meat, local cheeses and vegetarian & vegan substitutes.

 Our in-store kitchen will produce a selection of delicious, seasonal, organic dishes for a deli, as well as wholesome ready to eat fresh and frozen meals and home-made preserves.

 What we are proposing is revolutionary, and unique in Scotland. As bold and idealistic as this sounds we think it’s really achievable given our experience of building our enterprise to date, and through our research of similar businesses elsewhere.

Please pledge to our crowdfunder and help create a better kind of supermarket.

Thank you.


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What we will do with money raised through crowd funding:

Money raised through this crowd fund campaign will go towards the total costs of setting up our social supermarket and particularily towards the costs of taking the projects next steps forward in early 2016. We need to raise at least £200k in total and although it would be great to raise it all here we don't expect to. Instead we hope to also raise loanstock, secure loans, and also match funding of up to 100k through First Port.


Where will the new shop be?

 We are looking at potential units across Glasgow but our ideal location would be close to our existing shop in the south-side.

 What would happen to the shop you already have when you scale up?

 If our new premisis is near our old one then we would close it, if it is further away it would stay open as it is just now.


More Questions? email shop@glasgowlocavore.org




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