Arts to Social Change Manchester to Ghana

Arts to Social Change is a youth led 10 day International youth linked project from Manchester to Ghana Nsawam.

We did it!

On 30th May 2014 we successfully raised £2,039 of £2,000 target with 27 supporters in 28 days

Back 2 Roots is a youth led organisation based on 3 main principles: To Educate, Innovate and Elevate young people around culture, history and heritage using Arts and Media as a platform to learning.

Being of African and Caribbean descent, living in the UK we acknowledge the importance of exploring the vastness and diversity in history and cultures to gain a deeper sense of self, empowering and educating young people, and building self esteem and confidence. 

Established in 2008, by 3 young people with the vision to gain first hand experiences and making learning about our culture and history fun and engaging, we adopted the notion of traveling and exploring the beauty of so many different cultures within the globe. 

With the cuts in youth services across the country, the necessary resources to keep young people engaged in not only positive activities but activities which make a difference and build confidence seemed far and few. Through our ongoing passion and drive we voluntarily continue our work as young people giving other young people a creative artistic platform where they are able to express themselves and delve into the richness of who they are.

So NOW we are currently in the process of fundraising to participate in a special life changing experience to meet our international youth partner YAG (Youth Advocates Ghana), to conduct in our Arts, Educational and Research project 

Art to Social Change Project... 

As MBC Award Winners 2013 for Contribution to Education, we are extremely excited as it will be the first exchange B2R will have taken part in and are passionate about continuing our inspiring educational projects.

What We Aim To Do:

The 10 day program will be exploring youth culture in Ghana Nsawam in comparison to youth culture of those young people from Manchester UK. It will be a filmed arts, project giving insight into the lives of young people in Ghana. The stay will include providing workshops in Dance, Story Telling and Acting ending in a small production piece which we aim to perform in front of a local audience. We will also conduct in a Home Stay were we will follow and stay with a young person and the family to get deeper insight into their daily lives. Through workshops and dance we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of migration from a young persons perspective, what we have gained/ lost in terms of heritage/culture/language/history/traditions and how we feel it has shaped our identity and community.

Sharing our art forms with our international partner will be extremely powerful and rewarding for both parties.

The need for such a project is as stated by YAG Executive Director"The mission is to restore hope, educate and improve the well-being of vulnerable children, young people and their communities. We do this in two key ways. First, we work to ensure vulnerable and orphaned children are offered the opportunities of creative expression and education through child educational sponsorship programs. Secondly, we work to ensure children are treated as citizens worthy of dignity and respect, with their needs met and rights upheld"

We at Back 2 Roots could make so much difference to the lives of those less fortuate and is why we will be taking it upon ourselves to work directly with our youth partner. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP...

We take this opportunity to ask for YOUR support in making this project a reality. 

Why Do We Need Crowd funding

Funds raised through this platform will assist us with our Airfares and Accommodate whilst in Ghana. We have Raised 40% of our initial funds but need your help to gain the other 60%.

We need £2000 to cover the cost of our 6 young people

Our Way of Saying Thank You

To show our appreciation we will be creating personalized rewards to all those who support or project, from personalized Back2Roots Tshirts, to an invite to our Pre Project Showcase where you will be treated like royalty ;-) and so much more.

Be apart of the change we are trying to create not only for young people in our community but to young people all around the world, first stop Ghana.

We look forward to connecting with you all

Thank You



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