Mersey Warrior 2015 Expedition

by themicks in Merseyside

Mersey Warrior 2015 Expedition
We did it
On 17th June 2015 we successfully raised £60 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Cadet Lance Corporal Hulme's Merseyside Army Cadet Force Fundraiser for his Expedition to South Africa for Conservation work.

by themicks in Merseyside

New stretch target

Woah thanks guys! Never expected to reach over £500 in all honesty. 

Really thak you, this money will go to the Merseyside Army Cadet Force. 

Where will the funds go?

The money raised from this will go into Lance Corporal Hulme's bank account until it is needed to be paid off, this way it gains interest that means I get more money from your donation! The money will go towards the cost of L/Cpl Hulme's Expedition and Equipment, any money over will go to the Merseyside Army Cadet Force for them to put towards the next expedition in 2016. 

What is going on!?

Thank you for taking the time to look at my Crowdfunder!

I should probably explain what I am doing right? Well first of all I am Lance Corporal Hulme of Merseyside Army Cadet Force, I am lucky enough to be Jetting off to South Africa in August, right after 11 days of training with the Cadets to achieve my star level. 

This trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity, my family could never offer me this as a casual family holiday, nor would I be able to go there off of my own back. But I have been lucky enough to be selected to go to South Africa with my Cadets, something which I have done for just over a year! 

But we will be going to Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa and focusing on conservation work. One thing that we as humans have done is wipe out plenty of species, currently there is one which has 4 left! The White Rhino. We as humans have reduced them to 4. Thats them Critically Endangered, what did we gain? Nothing but ivory. This is why my generation must change, we can still save these beautiful creatures! We can stop this happening to other animals around the world like the Amur Leopard or the Black Rhino.

These are animals we must save for our future generations. 


What will I be doing?

Well to raise funds I will be doing multiple activities. 

My main one will be the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool 50mile Bike Ride, this will be a challenge for me as I have cycled in the past only upto 30 miles and I was tired after that. 

I will try and run a few more little events, that could be a livestream of games or even eating a ghost pepper and other challenges like that.


So once again thank you very much for donating or even taking the time to read this all! 

Cdt L/Cpl Alex Hulme


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