Air Born Eyes Ltd

Air Born Eyes Ltd

Giving people a remarkable 'birds eye view' through aerial video/photography via a YUNEEC Q500 drone plus all the sound and video editing

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Project aim


Air Born Eyes are fundraising to buy the equipment to put an individual twist on full HD aerial video and photography, attraction photography, visual inspection, adventure and web video work.  This includes purchasing one of the best 'out of the box' quadcopters (drones) on the market also spare parts, a steady cam for close-up shots, carry equipment, sound and video editing software, small van and the all important BNUC-s flight exam.  Essentally everything needed to start this unique venture giving people the opportunity to access the services of aerial filming and photography at an affordable price. 

About the project

Quadcopter or Drone aerial photography has been used with great success on journalistic projects, for surveying work and other technical / filming projects,maintenence work and now the use of drones in commercial enterprises is on the increase.

 Andy at Air Born Eyes Ltd would like to offer you the chance to create an aerial project using drone filming and photography that will deliver an individual take on any subject at an affordable price.  Whether you want to advertise a product or specialist service or just have a  memorable picture of your home to treasure for years to come, you can make use of drone filming and photography to achieve something different.

 If you are planning an event and want some unique aerial shots that will be unlike any other, you can ask Air Born Eyes to capture that special moment.  Using drone filming and photography means you get a unparalleled view of your event.

 Aerial photography and filming companies using quadcopters are on the increase, but many are using the fact that this is a new technology to charge exhorbitant prices for their services.  We at Air Born Eyes are aiming to change this and make our services available in a simple and affordable way so that everyone who needs our services can access them. 

 We will be aiming to do this by keeping things as simple as possible and putting you in charge of part of the process, particularly when it comes to aerial photography.   For very afforable prices, we can come to you, take the shots you require and then email them to you in a very short period of time so you have access to them quickly and can then decide how you want to go about having them printed.  

 The other way we are managing to make this more affortable is that initially, pilot Andy will be doing this in his spare time at weekends and during Summer evenings.  The bonus of this to the majority of you is that rather than having to take a day off work to ensure you are there when Andy is taking the shots of your property,he will come along during your restful Saturday morning or a quiet Sunday afternoon so that he can spend quality time with you taking shots of your property and ensuring you get what you have paid for.

 Most companies are also extremely secretive about their pricing.  We aim to offer clear structured pricing on our normal everyday services so you know exactly what you will be spending before you contact us and you don't feel presurised in anyway to use our services unless you want to.


Because Airborn Eyes is setting up with the support of others, we are keen to give something back to the community.  We therefore pledge to undertake three photography or filming projects a year for free for good community causes.  Be it a fundraising event or a local village fete, we will happily come along and film or take aerial shots for three worthy events each year.  Beyond these three events, we will always look at offering reduced rates for good causes whenever possible.


We are also extremely grateful for all your support in helping Andy work towards his goal and for that all our rewards over £20 are at fantastically reduced prices to undertake work as a huge thank you for your support during the early stages of the birth of Air Born Eyes.  



Now for the serious stuff!!


Air Born Eyes will be CAA approved and fully insured to undertake all work.

 All work will be undertaken will have to comply with full CAA Regulations for flying quadcopters and which are as follows:-

 We will also have the all important P.F.A.W (permission for aerial work) only granted by the C.A.A when the completed flight exam (the C.A.A CAP 722), BNUS-s/RP exam AND further operations manual is in order.All this is done after a five day intensive course plus a further day handing in the operations manual

 Every job we do will be risk assessed and it will be ensured that we will comply with all CAA Regulations whilst undertaking a job.  Air Born Eyes has the right to refuse to undertake a job on this basis and in this event, a full refund will of course be given.

 All rewards must be redeemed within 12 months of Air Born Eyes becoming operational and are non-transferable.

 Whilst we will aim to always undertake work at an agreed appointment date and time, this will always be subject to weather conditions and Air Born will arrange free of charge for an alternative date if the weather is not suitable a) for the quadcopter to fly or b) for a well lit high quality picture of your property to be taken.


                                                                                            Thank you for looking at this project

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