A Penny For Them

by Oddbodies in Lydford

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To make the short film 'A Penny For Them...' a darkly comic and slightly twisted tale of greed, fear, Vikings and taxes...

by Oddbodies in Lydford

A Penny For Them - What Is It? 

Oddbodies, the creative team behind the darkly comic and award-winning Mrs Lustleigh's Fancies and The Nature of Angrove... have been commissioned by Exeter Phoenix Digital to make another short film and would love you to be involved...


Oddbodies is a small Production Company based on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon. We have many years experience of creating, producing and performing highly acclaimed theatre work which has toured all over the UK, to Europe and the USA.

Recently we have begun to develop work for film, and our first two shorts, the fabulously grotesque Mrs Lustleigh's Fancies and the surreally magical The Nature of Angrove have gone on to screen at international festivals across the UK and in Europe. Both films were made on tiny budgets but with an incredible creative team. The key members of the team are back together again to make another darkly comic and slightly twisted tale, this time of greed, fear, vikings and taxes...

A Penny For Them - Synopsis

An uptight English businessman is troubled by reoccurring nightmares of endlessly running for his life through a foreboding wilderness, chased by some dark and malevolent force. Distraught and exhausted, he goes to see a Skandinavian psychotherapist specialising in sleep problems. She hypnotizes him in an attempt to get to the root of these anxieties, and what she discovers takes them both on a journey of unexpected consequence. 

Featuring Ancient Britons, marauding Vikings, the wild and beautiful Dartmoor wilderness, and a large number of 'Seolfor Pennings' * - this psychological drama with a twist in the tale will bear all the hallmarks of Oddbodies' previous work - a compelling story shot in intriguing settings, beautifully drawn characters, imaginative art direction and scrupulous attention to detail, all brought together with a highly distinctive and originally composed soundtrack...


Where Your Money Will Go

We already have a portion of our budget from the Phoenix Digital Bursary commission and are hoping to raise the rest through this campaign. The money you give us will be going on direct costs of production - equipment hire, insurance, travel and food expenses for cast and crew and any set, props and costumes that we can't 'beg, borrow or steal' in in-kind support. Everyone involved is working for expenses only. We are lucky to have some (limited) equipment already in place, and on the strength of our past work have managed to secure in-kind support from a number of local businesses.

But we do need money to help us realise this project. This is a unique opportunity for you to be directly involved. By contributing to the production budget you are, in effect, joining our small but perfectly formed creative Company and helping to realise a unique and quirky film made by a highly motivated and talented team. Whether you fancy just a warm-glow-inducing 'Viking Charm' or the full blown Limited Edition Executive Producer's' credit, we really hope you'll join us on this journey...

lydford penny

What You Will Get In Return

Obviously you will get our eternal gratitude if you support us - but we also have a whole heap of fabulous rewards to entice you  - take a look at the list on the right and have a read of the finer details below - we hope you find something that takes your fancy...


Everyone who supports us will receive (via the magic of the internet) a copy of the beautifully hand drawn treasure map that will lead you to a special 'Seolfor Pennings' * that has been hidden somewhere on the Moor. A fantastic day out for all the family as you work out the clues and explore the beautiful wilderness of the Dartmoor National Park (NB Absolutely no digging will be required. You may however need a supply of raisins and/or chocolate to keep you going)


You will receive (via the magic of the internet) a personalised Viking Charm inscribed in Elder Futhark (the Norse alphabet) and presented with a beautiful hand-drawn boarder for you to proudly display.  This charm is designed to ward off negative thoughts and bring out the warm glow of your generosity of spirit.  Be sure to share it with your friends through the wonders of Facebook, Twitter etc so that they will want one too... (NB this will come with a translation for those of you who do not read Viking)


Very straightforward  - we will send you an exclusive online'preview' link to the finished film (for you to download and watch at your leisure) before it gets sent off to be screened at hundreds of international Festivals where it will win lots of fabulous awards... (if it please the Norse Gods)


Beautifully hand crafted from indigenous wood, this set of magical runes inscribed with the symbols of the Elder Futhark will be sent to you (through the magic of the Royal Mail this time) in a beautiful linen drawstring bag. The Runes will come with a complete explanation of the symbols and their meanings, and simple instructions on how to 'read' them.  A very lovely thing indeed...

A Penny For Them Etching print by Tanya Morel


A limited edition print of a specially commissioned etching inspired by the storyboard for the film by Tanya Morel - (www.tanyamorel.co.uk) the print is called 'A Penny For Them...' The image measures 12.5cm x 10.5cm and was made using sugar lift and aquatint. It will come mounted and cellophane wrapped ready for framing.


vikingsIf you've ever wanted to be in a film, and if you've ever wanted to be a marauding Viking then this is definitely the reward for you. You will spend the day with us on set (location TBC but it will be in or around the village of Lydford on Dartmoor) where you will be playing the part of a vicious and rampaging Viking with a thirst for blood. A murderous intent and a bushy beard (women too) is not strictly necessary but would be a bonus. (NB All Vikings will be responsible for any travel and accommodation costs incurred in getting to and from the location = they will however be given something hessian to wear and will be sustained by a hearty bowl of 'Vikinge soupe' at around lunch time - the biggest of them may also be given an axe to 'wield'. Please also note, the date of this is TBC. The shoot is currently pencilled in for the week beginning the 14th of July so it will hopefully be around this time -  we do however, reserve the right to change this if we really have to.)


You will be credited as such on the film and will also be credited on the IMDB website... You will of course receiveall the above rewards, BE A VIKING, limited edition print, map, charm, runes, download and a big fat Oddbodies thank you (you will have to become an Executive Producer to find out what that will be)...

NB *'Seolfor Penning' is old anglo-saxon for silver penny - (NNB the Lydford Penny hidden on the moor is a rather wonderful reproduction and not an original coin - if we had one of those in our possession we wouldn't need to be asking you for any money...)

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word!  Please share the link on Facebook and Twitter etc etc Send it on to friends and family, co-workers, anyone and everyone  - Tell them you donated and maybe they would like to too!  

And may Freya the goddess of fertility bless you with abundance...






This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

Hidden somewhere on Dartmoor is a 'Lydford Penny'. For £5 we will send you a copy of the beautiful, hand drawn TREASURE MAP that will lead you to it. Hours of fun for all the family! (NB no spade required)

£10 or more

£10 Reward

For £10 we will not only send you the beautiful Treasure Map, we will also send you a personalised VIKING CHARM written in Elder Futhark (ancient runic alphabet) which will bring you great good fortune and a warm viking glow...

£25 or more

£25 Reward

A big fat Viking 'Thank You' in the credits, a copy of the Treasure Map, a personalised Viking Charm (with added warm glow), PLUS an exclusive DOWNLOAD of the film when it is finished...

£50 or more

£50 Reward

You will get all of the above, (Map, Charm, Download, warm glow and big fat Viking 'thank you') PLUS we will send you EITHER an exclusive, limited edition PRINT of a specially commissioned etching by Tanya Morel (see left for further details) OR a set of beautiful hand crafted wooden RUNES inscribed with the Elder Futhark symbols used by the Vikings and full instructions to help you read their meanings - The choice is yours...

£75 or more

£75 Reward

BE A VIKING IN THE FILM! Have you ever wanted to be in the movies? have you ever wanted to be a marauding viking? if your answer is yes to either of those questions then this is the reward for you (see project info left for full details) you will also get the map, the charm, the download, the big fat 'Thank You' and a big old warm glow..

£100 or more

£100 Reward

You get the works! the Map, the Charm, the Download, the limited edition Print AND the set of beautiful hand crafted wooden Runes inscribed with the Elder Futhark symbols used by the Vikings and full instructions to help you read their meanings - you will also get a very, very warm glow (and of course, on top of that you can also BE A VIKING if you'd like...)

£500 or more

£500 Reward

Crikey - well obviously you get the whole works too - the Map, the Charm, the Runes, the limited edition Print, exclusive Download, Be A VIKING if you fancy, PLUS you will be credited as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on the film which will get you listed on IDMB, a pair of tickets to the premiere screening at the 2 Short Nights Festival, our eternal gratitude and a red hot viking glow -

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