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What are you crowdfunding for?

Got a particularly BIG funding requirement? Looking to run a Community Share issue? Thinking about running a prize draw? Or don’t fit into any of the above categories, don't worry you can crowdfund for pretty much anything

Prize Draws!

Turn points into positivity!

You can now donate your Nectar points to support the charities and local causes you love, thanks to our new partnership with Nectar.

Crowdfund your startup

£1.2million in match funding

Get up to £10,000 match funding from NET's Local Action Fund to help your voluntary or community organisation overcome the effects of the pandemic.

Crowdfund your sports club

Get up to £10k in funding

Crowdfunder and Sport England have teamed up to make an initial £3.5 million of match funding available to help community sport and physical activity groups improve their facilities and unite communities.

Crowdfunder for Charities

If you're from a charity, learn how our features and services can supercharge your fundraising efforts.

Join the crowd today and start your charity's fundraising journey on Crowdfunder.

Popular projects

Crowdfunder Prize Draws

Super simple to set up, our prize draw feature is a great way of raising funds if you have something amazing to offer in return.

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Crowdfunder team

We have +Extra funding for our projects

We look after millions of pounds of +Extra Funding from our partners, made up of a mix of public and private sector organisations, charities and funding bodies.

Think of it as an extra big pledge on your project to help you get to your target. Take a look and see if your project could be eligible for one of our partner funds.

We got £22,500 in extra funds, bringing our total to over £76,000

Let's get social!

Whether you’re new to the world of social or have been on it for years, we’ve got you covered. Our social media whizzes have broken things down to make everything as simple as possible.

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