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When good ideas start in the community they deserve to grow. The Heart of the Park community café, in Arboretum Park, was the brainchild of a small but passionate team, challenging social exclusion and discrimination.  

The people of Normanton believed in its potential and it opened because of an immense amount of community spirit, but no funding. They went on to crowdfund more than £2,000 thanks to their local community and now there's nothing stopping them. 

Simply tell us your idea in 100 words or less and the ten with the greatest potential will each receive £1,000. Meanwhile our crowdfunding experts will set you on the path to crowdfunding success, giving you all the tools and know-how to make a difference. Just like the Heart of the Park community café are doing, today.

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"The suburb is in the two per cent of poorest wards in the country but rather than focusing on the doom and gloom, we can say 'considering how poor it is, look at how resilient it is'. People are happy to engage with this as a positive beacon."

Ruth Richardson, director of Europe's first multi-faith centre in Allestree

How can Crowdfund Derby make real change?


Through extra funding - £1,000 for ten inspiring ideas

Do you have an idea to improve the health and wellbeing of residents to build strong communities in Derby? Simply tell us your idea in under 100 words and we could set you on the path to success with £1,000.


Through coaching - Live crowdfund Derby drop-in

Interested in finding out more about how crowdfunding can make a difference to your community in Derby? We are running a workshop on Thursday 16 January with our partners as part of Crowdfund Derby

Through success

Our cafe raised £2,090 thanks to 35 supporters. Providing a safe space for people of all faiths, beliefs to promote social inclusion and celebrate diversity.

How Crowdfunder continue to support communities in Derby

Our community on Crowdfunder

Our community

Over £55 million has been raised thanks to over 700,000 people who have supported 80,000 great ideas on Crowdfunder, making us the UK's biggest crowdfunding platform.

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Expert coaching on Crowdfunder

Expert coaching 

Our comprehensive guides and interactive sessions have been designed by our experts to help you and your project every step of the way to success.

Extra funding on Crowdfunder

Extra funding in Derby

There's a pot of £60,000 available on Crowdfunder for projects that will improve the lives of people in Derby, and a further £1,000 for ideas that will help young people.

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