91 DIVOC Exhibition

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Project by MaMoMi Initiative CIC

91 DIVOC Exhibition

MaMoMi Initiative CIC profile

Project by MaMoMi Initiative CIC


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The 91DIVOC Exhibition recalls the impact of covid 19, with artists reflecting on their lived experiences and sensory observations.

MaMoMi Initiative is a non-profit social enterprise. Working with and alongside visually impaired creatives for nearly a decade, our mission is to enhance the experiences and expand the possibilities available to visually impaired and deafblind artists and audiences.

MaMoMi Initiative was founded by Andrew Mashigo, and the team currently comprises Lynn Cox, a blind artist, and Disability Awareness trainer and consultant, as Director, and James Hallam, a visually impaired IT professional, as a non-executive Director. We also have a strong team of 7 other professionals, with skills ranging from printmakers, wellness coaches, accessibility consultants to storytellers, braille artists, and disability art consultants. 

Everyone has found the pandemic very difficult, but the impact is ever so much worse for people with disabilities. But what has been so refreshing and encouraging to observe is that this group of artists and creatives have decided not to allow covid19 to be any excuse rather, it has been a moment to spur renewed energy, drive, and commitment to be as effective and creative as is possible, regardless!

In these unprecedented times, artists have found new ways to work, they are stronger, resilient, and more resolute, and the response with their creative practice is what this exhibition hopes to showcase.

Since April 2020, we have met with artists, weekly, first as a point of contact so no one felt isolated, and then as an extension, we began to develop our practice in new, innovative, and refreshing ways. Within the group, we have tackled immense logistical issues like increased difficulty in accessing materials, working within the confines stipulated by the impact of the pandemic, having to work isolated from the usual sensory stimulation many take for granted, facing these problems together as a community. 

Now we need urgent support to showcase some of the innovations and unique ways of working. That's where you come in.

Our vision is to show a new body of works and performances by these artists, and collaborators, in a 2-week hybrid event. The first week will be a live exhibition to hold in Bargehouse from 17th to 21st of November, and the second week will be an online event, from 22nd to 26th of July, comprising workshops, presentations, artist talks, and masterclass sessions, where we will reach an even wider and broader audience base through a series of the very engaging creative online session.

The money we raise has 4 key benefits;

1. Provide funds so the artists can transport their artworks to London.

2. Provide accessible formats for all the artworks, and Interpretation for any disabled visitors in our audience. These include providing braille, large print, raised images, captions in their videos, and BSL.

3. Empower the artists by creating a resource base and repository, both digitally and paper-based.

4. Create a legacy for future VI and other disabled artists and creative practitioners, and enable future collaborations.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

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Level 1 Reward

Choice of; 1. Decoding braille definition digital print: A3 size. Limited Edition prints, only 20 available. By celebrated artist Clarke Reynolds. 2. Maquettes of mugs: Limited Edition, 100 available. By sculptor David Johnson.

£50 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Level 2 Reward

Choice of; 1. Goal setting/limiting belief group coaching sessions: ILM5 and 7 certified. 1.5 hours Zoom training session, limited to 15 people per session. Only 10 sessions are available. By Disability awareness coach Lynn Cox. 2. Tactile painting. A4 size. Limited Edition. Only 10 available. By mixed media artist Andrew Mashigo.

£100 or more

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Level 3 Reward

Choice of; 1. Creative Life Coaching: Creative life coaching sessions run by an experienced ILM level 5 and 7 certified coach. Only 10 slots are available. By Lynn Cox. 2. Audio Described Taster training to institutions: For artists, curators, education staff, parks, cultural institutions, and the business sector. 2-hour sessions via Zoom. Only 10 sessions are available. By Disability consultant Zoe Partington.

£150 or more

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Level 4 Reward

Tactile painting: Unique, Limited Edition print. A3 size. With braille interpretation on the back. Only 20 are available. By celebrated artist Rachel Gadsden

£300 or more

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Level 5 Reward

Hand-printed artwork: Original hand-printed textile artwork. Limited Edition print. Only 2 available. By print maker Fae Kilburn.

£450 or more

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Level 6 Reward

Choice of; 1. Personal Decoding unique artwork: Unique to each person. Only 2 are available. By celebrated artist Clarke Reynolds. 2. Masterclass sessions for corporate clients: A 4-week masterclass on personal development and empowering for physical independence. Only 2 sessions are available. By certified wellness coach Jennifer Smith-Gibbs

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