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by Kouk (Omo Josh) in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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The aim of this project is to increase the production quality and frequency of my musical and entertainment content.

by Kouk (Omo Josh) in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Your Help would allow me to regularly create and promote music or musical themed content such as; Podcasts or YouTube series. Investing in my music will hopefully inspire other local Urban musicians to pursue a career in music whilst also increasing the viability of this life choice. The money will be used in a number of ways to promote my brand, These will be listed below.

  • Creation of music and accompanying art. 
  • Creation of one musical themed YouTube video series.
  • Investment in touring/gigging opportunities. 
  • Promotion of all content with the intention of raising brand awareness. 
  • Creation of merchandise.
  • Purchasing of equipment. 
  • Payment of collaborating artists, e.g; engineers, videographers, photographers, graphic designers, producers etc.  

As some of you may have seen I am planning on releasing a mixtape near Christmas. The aim of selling this mixtape is to acquire funds that will be invested into improving the quality and frequency of my content production. I also really want to play some festivals like Kelburn Garden Party or bigger next year and need to release high quality videos to continually improve my profile and presence online. I'm working really hard on this at the moment and its taken over my life a little. 

However as many artists know It is a struggle to raise capital for these projects using only employment. After all there is still life to live. I want to work more hours to accomplish this however, I feel that increasing hours at work only leads to less time to hone my craft. So i need to find somewhere in the middle. In other word "its a bit of a sticky one, still". I also would love to work with more experienced artists in other fields (videography, photography, graphic design, fashion etc)  to create a better overall product but often their services are rather expensive (with good reason). Any assistance in this way will not only positively effect me but also trickle down to other artists within Scotland. 

The mixtape will be available in 3 separate forms USB, CD and from a private downloadable link. The mixtape will include 10+ songs. With at least 5 unreleased tracks (Uh nah ye dinny ken, Coffee and Cigarettes, Fix up boy, and more) alongside some of my most popular tracks (I miss those days, Lately, Party at the Big house etc). Basically this is gonna be a banger and laced with versions that will never be available again. The mixtape will be priced at £5.

Who is KOUK music? 

Joshua “Kouk” Koukpaki is a 22 year old Scottish rapper raised in Leith. Mixing a blend of classic HipHop/Rap with elements of R&B, soul, grime and afro beats, KOUK creates one seamless experimental genre. 

Kouk creates a contemporary sound which is compounded by an energetic and highly entertaining live performance.  

After launching himself into the Scottish live scene he has been successful in gaining support on social media and music sites. Coming off his second hometown headline show, KOUK was also participated in Scottie Media’s “RepYourCity” competition and successfully was selected to perform along side top names in the Scottish hip hop scene such as Tap Ends Finest and Sherlock in the grand finale - "Scotland Cypher".  After dropping his newest project that featured multiple genre's and heaps of style in early 2019. Everyone should look forward to winter, as Kouk plans to barrage the scene with a curios set of releases that aim to inspire, question and move society in late 2019. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 download link

This reward will grant you online access to a new downloadable Mix tape that will feature my favourite unreleased tracks and poems alongside my most popular releases.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

One CD that will include unreleased material alongside my most popular tracks. The CD will be an amalgamation of huge sounding vocal driven hooks and sharp clever verses. All copies will be signed and verified.

£20 or more

£20 ticket bundle

One CD or USB memory stick that will include unreleased material alongside my most popular tracks. The CD/USB will be an amalgamation of huge sounding vocal driven hooks and sharp clever verses. All copies will be signed and verified. Donations over £20 will be rewarded with one free gig ticket that can be used to attend any Kouk or Culture Clan show.

£20 or more

£20 Art bundle

This reward will allow the purchaser to receive a physical and downloadable version of my new mixtape, alongside physical artwork (prints) that have been created by various collaborating artists.

£40 or more

£40 Bundle

One CD or USB or online download code for a Mix tape featuring my unreleased and most popular songs. One free gig ticket to any Culture Clan or Kouk promoted show. One T-shirt featuring either the Kouk logo or Chief Leith Logo. One print will also be given with this bundle.

£70 or more

£70 Reward - Personal Performance.

For those who Love KOUK music. This reward will give you the same benefits of the previous rewards (T-shirt, Mixtape, and Gig Ticket). This reward will also allow the purchaser to book KOUK to play any non-commercial show, venue, party, house or flat.

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