Independency is the key to happiness

by Felicity Coulthard in Barrowford, England, United Kingdom

Independency is the key to happiness
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I aim to enjoy life more through limiting the amount I used my ankle thus having a stair lift in my home.

by Felicity Coulthard in Barrowford, England, United Kingdom

Hi my story 

10 weeks ago I underwent an operation to realign my ankle, stretch my calf tendon and cut my ligaments in my toes. Although it might be a success now, the consultant stated I will need it done again in a few years. Therefore I am reluctantly trying to save my ankle were I can by not over using it.

What I do now

I go up and down the stairs on my bottom now using my left side which is the stronger side, I have tried walking but my physiotherapist deemed it too dangerous. I am in a lot of pain in my right side especially where I have had the operations. However since I have had to used this method my left side especially my wrist, hand and the top of my leg is getting strained and injured therefore causing me pain and issues getting up and down the stairs.

Why I’m crowdfunding 

I have been referred to occupational therapy for aids to help me get around the house, one of  these aids includes a stair lift. the occupational therapist is reluctant to provide one due to government 


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Signed photo

Signed photo of 2008 Paralympic partnership of myself and my Paralympic winning horse

Let's make 'Independency is the key to happiness' happen