7 Bamboos Rugby - The very first tournament!

On the 25th of August 7 Bamboos Rugby play their very first 7s tournament. And you can become part of it! We would like to invite you to join us on this exciting journey and help us to realise a passionate dream.

We did it!

On 20th Aug 2013 we successfully raised £849 of £800 target with 21 supporters in 35 days

Our Promise

To create valuable opportunities for young people, to play 7s rugby and to develop a wide range of skills that can be applied on and off the rugby field!

Bamboos Training


The WHY?

We believe that sport is one of the greatest forms to learn crucial life lessons:

How do I succeed?

How do I fail?

How do I get up again?

How do I make the most out of my potential?

How do I make valuable decisions in life?

When it comes to situations like these, especially young people often experience struggle, not just on a rugby field. We want to change this with our idea.We want to support young people in their struggle.

In the UK we observe a fundamental growth of 7s rugby and with the inclusion of the sport in the next Olympic games it has the potential to become a global game.

Therefore we want to ensure that more youngsters gain the opportunity to participate in this fascinating game, no matter of their background or capabilities.

The Bamboos principle lasts on guidance not dictating. It gives teenagers a direction, support in their career aspirations, academic challenges and everyday problems.

Bamboos' get actively incorporated in the brand 7 Bamboos Rugby and shape it individually They have the chance to take responsibilities, organise events, build a website and get involved in business and performance decisions.

7 Bamboos Rugby helps young people to find a direction in their life.  


What we are looking for?


After a year of endless hours of planning, brainstorming and visioning in the office and sweating and battling on the training field, we are finally ready to enter our first tournament. On the 25th of August we want to participate in the National Pub Sevens tournament. This is a great chance to promote our project and to show the world what we can and who we are.

With your help this passionate dream come true. Please join us on this exciting journey.

Your support can make the difference!

With your help we can cover essential costs:

Playing kit - £450.00

Accommodation - £240.00

Transport and Catering - £110.00


Who are we?

The Team behind the Team

The Team behind the Team

We are a group of young visionaries, united in the believe that change is essential to progress.

We are mad about sport with different backgrounds like coaching, design and business.

 Please don't be shy and contact us directly and at any time should you have any questions

We are looking forward hearing from you. 


  Thank You!

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