Start Charity to fight against opioid Epidemic

by john langill in Halifax, England, United Kingdom

Start Charity to fight against opioid Epidemic
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Anybody willing to will help with financing in order to get this very unique program started to help people battling the opioid Epidemic

by john langill in Halifax, England, United Kingdom

The drug and alcohol addiction problem our communities are facing are unprecedented and the number are absolutely staggering. It is easy to see the huge numbers and we just pass them over as just another statistic because there are literally so many people who have died so young but each and everyone of those numbers is somebodies mom, dad, brother, sister or friend. You would be hard pressed to find somebody in Canada who does not know someone whom has been affected by the opioid crisis and most people will even know someone who has had a family member die from an overdose. In just the first 4 months of 2020 (January to April) 1,628 (over 75,000 people last year in the America people have died from an opioid overdose. To put that into perspective between that same time frame more people have died from drug opioid overdoes then cancers, diabetes, car accidents, influenza, chronic respiratory disease, heart attacks and the list communes on for 100's of different conditions in which people are dying from but nowhere the staggering amount of people dying from opioid overdose. Y

 I  personally have overcome my addiction (which i am over 5 years without a drug or  drink) which started almost 10 years ago when i was prescribed  a drug called Hydomorophone or Diluadid after my first of 22 operations the past 10 years.  This type of opiate is by far one of the strongest drugs out there, it is wild how much stronger it is then (morphine) ) 100times stronger  to be exact it is very readily available if my doctors prescribes it for me.  Because my  tolerance continues to grow the same amount of medicine that helped me for almost a year all of a sudden isn't working anymore and i am literally just taking them just so i avoid getting sick, but does absolutely nothing for me severe pain from everything they have cut out of my body. 

I have been fortunate enough to check myself into multiple drug rehabs and detoxes  since 2010 (i have lost count but it is over at least 20. ) They next problem that is arising from becoming addicted and physically depending to these pills doctors where prescribing for years  now have their hands tied by the government and their prescribing practices have had to  been completely changed so therefore it leaves 99% of the people moving onto buying heroin (which is exceptionally dangerous as almost all heroin on the street these days have fentanyl on the street as it is cheaper and help you not get sick from withdrawal but just the smallest little bit can kill u so easily. Because the government is now dictating to your doctor how they can and can't treat their patience, so this is simple it mean people are turing to the streets for the drugs they need and there is where most of the overdoses occur, not too mention HIV, Hepatitis and numerous other issues.

 I am doing extremely well physically, mentally and spiritually these days and there't is any help what so ever anywhere close to Halifax and that must change and I'm going to work my butt off to make it happen and  like i said before i want a full medical detox on our campus under direct physician care of a physician to help minimize the horrific withdrawal feeling. There is absolutely no way someone can work on their recovery while going through withdrawal so that will be the first step initially addressed on each patients different issues and needs. The concept i would really like to start here in HRM or even in Nova Scotia somewhere but not far from there, is something i started in Florida and it has been wildly successful. I know this sounds too go to b true but these stats don't lie. if someone completely 90 days at our resort type facility in gorgeous florida you have an 88% chance of still being sober after a year. That is staggering as typical treatment centres have a secures rate of less then 10%. I know this works, it worked for me and literally hundreds of other people and now i want to bring it here and help save lives and put peoples lives back together. Trust it can be done, I'm a prime example. I was a ragging drug addict years ago that wold stop at nothing to get my next hit and now today my life has changed 180 degrees and i couldn't be more grateful and blessed because of it and now it my turn to help even more people. I envision this model in many cities all over the place someday. I can not wait to start helping more people but obviously this takes a lot of capital to start up, once it is up and running it pretty much runs itself. It will be classified as a non profit organization so therefore we can tax except donations for people who desperately need help but can't afford it, they way we will be able to say yes to anyone reaching out for help. 

I am actually very slowly beginning to have real relationships with my family, something i haven't had for at least 10 years. It is an amazing feeling but i can NOT become complacent and do the things i need to do on a daily basis to help keep me clean and sober and now i am so blessed that i get to work with other men who went and are going through the same feeling and emotions i felt. I don't pressure them i just tell what worked for me and i here in the present with my sound mind so when i get my many distressed phone calls all night with people needing help  from someone else who i know well have  overdosed in a seedy motel in the rough area of Pompano Bach to a mother who lost  her only son last week and just needed someone to listen to her,i am so blessed i get to do things like that these days as in the past i was the last person anyone was calling for anything let alone help. . I certainly don't judge him for that as i have done the exact types of things before too, i love him and i am here from here 24/7 no matter the time. i do it for a couple reasons (1st is kind of selfish, it helps me to stay sober myself, the second is to gives him some hope that things will get better even though it is hard to see hen you are that low, trust me i know all to well because of my own experiences.

As i mentioned earlier I have been to countless treatment facilities and truthfully a lot of their business models are profits over patience and that make me sick. So with starting this crowdfunding page i hope to raise enough funds for a non profit company based upon the same concept that has kept me sober when absolutely nothing else worked and trust me i tried everything and anything , may family had all completely cut me out of their lives as i was making them sick too, this is a family disease, not just the addict themselves but their whole family. Unfortunately we don't have any real widely spread  successful program model coupled with a full medical detox east of Montreal That is crazy to me, there are so many people who not just need help but want help but can't afford it so I want to open a facility up to get these amazing people the chance of living a happy, joyous and free life.

My plan for that is to have a non profit where donations are tax deductible and all monies donating will go directly to patient care, there certainly won't be any on this BS where i see other non profits that she only 13 of a dollar actually goes to patient care, the rest is the executives getting rich and have admit costs. That is not what we will be doing what do ever. Truly believe this is my calling in life and god has kept me around to help others which i am more the will to do no matter how hard it gets. I remember that feeling like it was yesterday the first day i walked into my last detox. i was so sick it took them almost a month of intensive care to get my body back to somewhat normal for a 35 year athletic guy. I'll never forget that feeling and that is why i am so passionate about doing this and giving others the chance that was given to me. 

 My plan i to is have a complete detox program and then they will transfer of to our residential type therapy and group sessions workshop where people will participate in group therapy/meeting sessions, one on one therapy,lectures about recovery and staying sober, help with going through the 12 steps as outlined in the big book of alcoholics anonymous.It however won't always be serious and crazy intense we will have tons of fun too, for example the facility i founded in FLA  do outings all the time to the beach, fishing, hogback riding etc etc. We believe you must have fun and i promise anyone who walks through our door will understand being sober is amazing and so much fun with real friends. They will live at our resort/campsu for anywhere from 30 days all the way up to a year depending on the person and their improvement. This facility will be more like a resort type of property, not a hospital one. There is nothing worse to think you're just laying there starting at the horrible dull yellow hospital walls. 

This Project will obviously cost quite a bit of money to get up and running but once that is established i know we can bring costs down and even be able to hopefully scholarship some people who don't have the means to be able to pay and if thats the only reason they aren't getting help i am here to stop this immediately. This is no joke, it is very serious and some drastic measures have to be taken to make this work as what everyone who has been trying is failing at an alarming rate. Most people whom complete rehab or 30 have a 2% chance of being sober still a year later.  

Thank you again and i beg of you to share this as I to as many people as you can as I really need help getting this off the ground and we don't have anymore time to waste as the number of deaths just keep raising and heaven forbid it maybe someday someone you love will need our help and we will be right here welcoming with open arms and will care for the love them and nurture them back to life where they are happy and healthy again as well as the whole family. 

Thank you so much again and please help get the word out, any amount of money helps so thank you in advance. I will let you know once i hopefully secured enough financing to start as the crowdfunding is only a very small chunk of what  we need. A huge amount of people ned this life saving help and you can help because u can never put a price tag on somebodies life especially if that someone happens to one day be your own loved one.

Best Wish and God Bless You,

John S. Langill

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