70th Anniversary of the 5th Pan African Congress

A three day conference commemorating the 5th Pan African Congress, its aims, its people, its successes and its legacy.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Project aim

A three day conference commemorating the 5th Pan African Congress, its aims, its people, its successes and its legacy.

About the project


During the WW1, African countries were amongst the colonised nations that fought alongside the Allies to defeat Germany and their supporters. The Allies promised those countries some self-rule. But this promise was disregarded when the war was over.

The first Pan African Congress (57 delegates from 15 countries) met the following year, 1919 in Paris.  The main aim was to get home rule included as part of the post-war peace treaty.

There were three more Congress’ held over the next few years but colonialism remained in place.


The 5th Pan African Congress

The 5th Pan African Congress was held in Manchester between October 15 -21st 1945 and considered to be the most important Congress. African and other colonial countries had again fought alongside Allied forces in World War II and after this, many felt that they now deserved independence.  The 90 delegates, 26 from Africa, included independence leaders Kwame Nkrumah and Jomo Kenyatta, activists and academics such as W.E.B. DuBois, Dudley Thompson and Jaja Wachuku. In the aftermath of the Congress and in the following years, many of these delegates became key figures in the independence movements that sprang up and succeeded all over the world.

The 5th Pan African Congress took place 70 years ago this October, in Manchester England.


Our Event

To commemorate this special, global event, the PAC45 Foundation is planning to hold a 3 day event at Manchester University's Great Hall, Sackville Street Building from Friday October 16th – Saturday 18th 2015.

The event will celebrate the 5th Pan African Congress, explore the issues the Congress addressed, the significant figures who organised and attended it and some contemporary global and Pan-African issues.

Confirmed speakers so far include the co-author of ‘The 1945 Manchester Pan African Congress Revisited’ Professor Hakim Adi; internationally known American educationalist Dr Umar Johnson; activist, rapper and poet, Akala; UNISON Assistant General Secretary Roger McKenzieBARAC leaders Zita Holbourne and Lee Jasper with other significant speakers to be confirmed.

The draft programme includes topics such as

  • The History of Pan African Congresses; 1945 Pan African Congress  - what and who made it significant;
  • Pan Africanism today – the continent and the diaspora;
  • Pan-Africanism and Economics – breaking chains;
  • Women and Pan Africanism – the male issue;
  • Art and Culture – Pan-Africanism, interpretation and visibility;
  • BlackLivesMatter: BringBackOurGirls to Sandra Bland – a global issue.  

The programme will be a mix of keynote speeches, workshops and plenaries. To attend please register.


We need your help

Though the event has some significant partners and resources pledged, additional funds are needed to make it work.

Raising £5000 will enable us to accommodate speakers, produce delegate packs and resources and support our volunteers.

The opportunity to commemorate such an important event comes along rarely.

Please support us. Please donate. 

(Don't forget to register.) 


The  PAC45 Foundation would like to thank partners The University of Manchester, The Nubian Times, 300 Media, First Cut Media Commonword, Sustained Theatre Up North, Manchester Metropolitan University, Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust, Manchester City Council, UNITE, BARAC, The Mbari Group and Onashile Art Gallery.