Walking Lands End to John O'Groats - 874 miles

Walking Lands End to John O'Groats - 874 miles


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Started on 29th December 2020 Wallasey, England, United Kingdom

About me:

I have suffered with problems since I was around 13/14 and could never get to the bottom of why I was feeling so bad. Always in pain, feeling low and wanting to sleep all the time. I started to believe that everything that was happening was all in my head as the doctors couldn't seem to find the answers. I went from physio to chiropractors then back to physio but nothing worked. I took painkiller after painkiller but I knew that wasn't the option for the long term. No matter how many times I went to the doctors I still didn't get anywhere other than them telling me I had curvature of the spine. In 2018 I started to feel numb in my left hand and left hand side of my face. This then spread to the whole of the left hand side of my body resulting in me not being able to use my hand. I had to cut all my hair off as I couldn't wash or style it. I was even having to get help to wash and dress. After another MRI I was told that I may have MS but still no proper help. 2019 brought me another relapse effecting both hands by the beginning of 2020 I was having to use crutches to get around as I had no strength in either leg. My feet where also numb. However this brought my actually diagnosis of MS. I felt relief when I heard this as I finally knew I wasn't going crazy and I would get the help I needed. I am now on life long medication for this with the hopes that my illness won't progress any further. MS can and does take so much from people and I want to be able to do everything I can to take a step towards finding a cure.

What I am aiming to do:

Between 1st January 2021 - 31st December 2021 I am planning on completing 874 miles. I will be doing this by walking, exercising and maybe swimming. This is a massive challenge for me but I am determined to complete it so I can raise as much money for the MS Trust. I will update you all monthly on my progress but if you want to know anything else then send me a message. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you :)


Clare Crook commented

This is so amazing of you. Good luck xx

14th January 2021 at 5:36pm
Clare Crook pledged £10 + an est. £2.50 in Gift Aid
14th January 2021 at 5:36pm
Pamela& Barry Cooper commented

Good luck Nicola you got this were with you every step x

2nd January 2021 at 6:12pm
Sharon George commented

Good Luck Nicola Much love ❤️ Sharon xx

31st December 2020 at 8:16pm
Sharon George pledged £20 + an est. £5.00 in Gift Aid
31st December 2020 at 8:15pm
Laura Allen commented

So proud! You got this and we will support you all the way! Get those feet marching xx

30th December 2020 at 6:17pm
Laura Allen pledged £10 + an est. £2.50 in Gift Aid
30th December 2020 at 6:16pm
Thiviya Maheswaran commented

Go you!! Super proud of you 🥰 xxx

29th December 2020 at 11:35pm
Thiviya Maheswaran pledged £30 + an est. £7.50 in Gift Aid
29th December 2020 at 11:34pm
Ryan Broughton commented

Good luck ! Not that you’ll need it. If you walked as much as you talk you’ll be there in no time ! :P

29th December 2020 at 8:54pm
Ryan Broughton pledged £50 + an est. £12.50 in Gift Aid
29th December 2020 at 8:53pm

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