600 Hundred Million Years in the Making

Importing the finest and largest Himalayan Salts Blocks for cooking, searing, freezing and presenting food.

We did it!

On 15th Aug 2014 we successfully raised £4,605 of £3,500 target with 32 supporters in 30 days

New stretch target

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this possible, we are now overfunding!

If we can reach our stretch target of £5,500 we would use the additional funding to bring more shipments across from Seattle with salt slabs and will also give us a jump start with the importing and packaging of the artisan salts and bring them to market earlier than planned.

This would also mean that we can take up a stand at this year's prestigious Speciality & Fine Food Fair on 7th-9th September at London Olympia. This would allow us to introduce the product to a wide range of food lovers and boost the profile across the fine food sector.

Please keep pledging on our fabulous rewards and spread the word about these gorgeous products!




You will get membership to the Tasting Circle and you will receive 12 hexagonal 70g spice jars and two artisan, smoked or fusion salts a month sent to you for you to sample and review and share your comments and thoughts with our online forum. You can then add to your collection of amazing salts. A £100 RRP. This reward is also available to be sent as a gift to friends and family or any Foodie !


Join Mark Bitterman in London for a 3 hour Masterclass on the salt blocks at Divertimenti on the Brompton Road, on the 5th September. Choose from either a morning or afternoon session. You will get “hands on experience” and enjoy what your prepare and have dinner to bring home and leave a goody bag with a salt brick, personalised signed copy of “Salt Block Cooking” selection of artisan salts and some salted chocolates a £60 Value just on the goody bag ! RRP £225


The £500 rewards currently offers a Private Chef for the day along with a £200 food and wine budget, along with a pair of salt slabs (£75 RRP). To help boost the campaign the £500 reward will be reduced by 50% to £250, so basically giving you a private chef for the day free ! Your £250 pledge will cover the cost of £200 food and wine along with a pair of salt slabs.

Private Chef and Managing Partner of The Style Academy, Andrew Mellon, who has cooked his way around the World for the super-rich, normally charges between £300 and £500 a day for a day of cooking, in this case his fee will be waived and Andrew will travel anywhere in the UK to successful pledges homes or agreed location and cook for a day for a special dinner, party or event with the added advantage of full use of the The Style Academy collection of china, crystal, linens and equipment for up to 20 guests at no charge, all travel and expenses are included in the £250 pledge,


Stunning Himalayan Salt Slabs are coming to the UK for the first time in large sizes which have never been available here. We are looking to Crowdfund so we can bring  enough stock over to fill the demand. The only place currently to get hold of these Himalayan Salt Slabs is here on Crowdfunder.Sea Bass Cooked on Salt Slab     Smoked Swordfish on Presentation Slab 

600 Million Years in the Making

The Style Academy has an exciting new project,  the import and distribution of  Saltworks - America's Sea Salt Company. Saltworks is the USA's largest company specialising in artisan salts from around the world and the best quality Himalayan Salt Slabs in 5 unique sizes which have never been seen in the UK before. The Saltworks Quality Assurance programme guarantees only the best and highest quality slabs make it to the UK.

What are Himalayan Salt Slabs ?

The Salts Slabs can be used for cooking, searing, curing, freezing and presentation, on gas, electric, the B-B-Q and oven. They can also be chilled to extreme temperatures making them perfect keeping food very cold. The slabs are over 600 million years in the making and made completely of the purest compressed Himalayan salt. America's expert on salt and salt slabs cooking, the author of "salted" and "salt block cooking", is Mark Bitterman. He will be spending a week in early September in London, helping the launch the salt slabs and salts to the media, trade and chefs with a launch event on the Brompton Road in London, and hopefully some TV appearances and lots of features in the media. 

Coco Dusted Velvet Truffles on Chilled Salt Block     Artisan Salts

Why we need your help to Crowdfund

Our first pallet of 150 salt blocks is on its way from Seattle, with so much media interest at this early stage, we would like to crowdfund for second shipment of two pallets to arrive in the UK ready for the launch, rather than having to wait the 4 weeks shipping and keep customers waiting. Crowdfunding will enable us to build our stock without crippling our cash flow, this will gives us over 400 blocks ready to be sold. We are hoping that the Himalyan Salt Slabs will be the 'must have gift' for the foodies for Christmas 2014! We will be selling online initially, as the salt slabs weigh as much as 20lbs each, so most customers will be happy to have it arrive at their door, than have to collect from a retailer.

Artisan Salts and Fusion Salts

We will be importing the full Saltworks product range in the 4th quarter of 2014, with over 50 salts from around the world. With a traditional British twist on the packaging,  we will be using a brand new jar from Kilner not even launched in the UK until October . A collection of smoked salts and the never seen before fusion salts, which are the big thing in the US culinary World, will be added to the collection throughout the coming months.

Salt Slab Cooking Book    Kilner Jar with Saltworks Product

Small Team: Big Plans !

My background is as a private chef, entrepreneur and working in retail brand management around the World. I have the experience and knowledge to bring this exciting project to fruition and have the best quality product and hope to change the way Britain views salt and its uses.

We have some great rewards for our supporters and this is an amazing opportunity to help a small but very dynamic small business bring better salt to UK, educate people on less is more,  and your chance to sample and review amazing salts from around the world with our tasting circle. Everyone who backs the project will be kept up-to-date with developments and receive invites to launches and tastings in their area as the business grows.

The Salt Slabs wont be available to purchase from our website until September, so the only place to get one is through this crowfunding campaign! We are talking to cooking schools across the country about a partnering to hold cooking classes and masterclasses in salt block cooking as its popularity grows.

If you have any questions, comments or thoughts we would love to hear from you, please get in touch development@the-style-academy.com

Many thanks for looking at our campaign and hope we have inspired you to support us.


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