5GCAP - Effective Protection against 5G Radiaton

by Thomas Hartzell in Southampton, England, United Kingdom


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The main purpose of the 5GCap is to protect against the effects of harmful signals of 5G transmitters, whose number is increasing.

by Thomas Hartzell in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

When did it all begin? 

5G transmitters are a relatively new phenomenon. The first such transmitters in Great Britain were launched in May 2019. At first, they were individual transmitters throughout the entire district. Since then, however, the number of transmitters has been steadily increasing, and thus 5G radiation in cities is constantly increasing.

Scientists around the world are warning people

5G significantly increases exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields compared to 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. It was also established that these fields are harmful to health, and their impact is associated with such threats as: increased risk of cancer, cell stress, intensified free radical activity, genetic defects, structural and functional changes in the reproductive system, attention deficit and problems with learning, neurological ailments and general malaise.

In addition to multiplying 5G transmitters, most people also have a powerful EFM transmitter in their own apartment in the form of a Wi-Fi Router. More and more people also spend several hours with a personal transmitter in their hands, namely Internet on the phone. Similarly to the GSM transmitters, because they work 24 hours a good 365 days a year. Your body cells and your brain are constantly exposed to harmful electromagnetic radiation. That is why it is worth using preventive measures.

Then what can we do?

The best form of rest can be a trip out of the city or a trip deep into the forest outside the radiation zone. There, our bodies and brains can naturally relax. However, not everyone has the time or opportunity to go outside of the city or to the forest every day.

Fortunately, 5GCap comes to the rescue!

5GCap is a first product of the G-shield brand, it is a special protective cap that effectively blocks nearly 98% of radiation from 5G station transmitters, as well as GSM, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi routers, laptops and cell phones.

5GCap works wonderfully during your sleep, because it gives your brain many hours of rest from 5G waves. This is a good prevention for every age group. 5GCap accelerates recovery during sleep, so you wake up refreshed with more energy to act!

5GCAP is a modern nightcap, indispensable nowadays.

Useful for city dwellers, where the density of flats is high and where 5G waves will soon be affecting from all sides. If you also live close to other transmitters, this product will help your brain rest from EFM waves during the hours of sleep at night. The effects are felt already on the first night. 5GCap is made of a special material that does not heat the head and you can sleep in it even in the middle of summer. In addition, the 5GCAP, when slipped on eyes, blocks over 95% of the light so it makes it easier to fall asleep even in the middle of the day.

The 5GCap comes in one universal size and is stretchable. The height of 5GCap is especially larger, so that there is still space inside for longer hair. The color of the cap is SILVER with a shimmering G-Shield logo.

Does it really work?

5GCap is made of special material (contains over 40% silver). Its layer blocks 98% of harmful 5G radiation. In our product we used a double layer of this material.

The effectiveness of 5GCap is verified by professional electromagnetic field meters.

By supporting the 5GCap project development:

  •     You are contributing to the launch of the 5GCaps production
  •     You are contributing to the promotion of this beneficial product
  •     You are contributing to the protection of human health
  •     You are contributing to raising public awareness of health risks
  •     You are contributing to the development of the G-Shield brand, whose main       goal is health protection

When you are using the 5GCap at night:

  •     You provide your brain a good rest from 5G waves and others
  •     You increase the comfort of your sleep by cutting off the light and sounds
  •     You accelerate recovery during a restful sleep
  •     You wake up more rested
  •     You increase your concentration
  •     You increase the clearness of the mind
  •     You have more energy to act!


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