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To help other countries get the covid vaccines they need, so the world can be protected, and countries can be connected again.

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Thanks to covid vaccines I can visit my grandparents outside again, and soon I will even be able to give them a hug! My Mum and Dad will have the vaccine soon, so they can go to work safely. This isn't true for some countries, who can't afford  to get enough vaccines for everyone. Unless everyone is safe, the world will have to be divided, and covid will still be a worldwide problem. 

What can I do? I can ask you to help! I've persuaded my family to do a 5 hour sponsored Hula Relay. I've been practicing my Hula Hooping skills, and I'm going to hula for as long as I can, and when the hula drops, my Mum/Dad/Sister or Brother is going to take over! 

All you have to do is sponsor us!

Help 'A 5 hour family hula hoop relay' happen

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