5 DAY VIGILS | Animal Rights Centre

5 DAY VIGILS | Animal Rights Centre

HeartCure Collective will be a vegan social centre with a focus on animal rights and liberation.

We did it!

On 14th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 28 days

The 5 day save is being held by a number of groups worldwide, aiming to show compassion to animals on their way to slaughter and make the public aware of what is happening, if you would like to support us then please donate what you can. The money donated will go towards HeartCure Collective.

HeartCure Collective will be the first of its kind in the UK, a social centre that focuses on animal rights and uniting the vegan community.  

We believe that we are stronger together and that through uniting in the cause we can make great change. Our aim is to provide a space for activism groups to work on events, host talks, fundraisers and to also welcome the local community to take interest in the vegan lifestyle through outreach events, workshops and educational materials in the Vegan Society sponsered library.

In addition to the social activities side we will also have a vegan café with some incredible choices on offer. There will also be an ethical clothing store, a selection of juices, smoothies and our very own kombucha brewery!

 As a whole this is your space and we want to create HeartCure Collective to accomodate everyone. Wether you want to screen your latest film, showcase your art, run a music night or just meet new people, this space is yours.

 The best part is that once up and running the profits from HeartCure Collective will be used to help fund outreach, activism, run free workshops for the community, support animal sancturies and aid in projects that advocate sustainable ethical living. 

 The Save Movement along with other animal rights groups will have office space available so that not only can they have space to work on events and fundraising but the chance to connect with other groups.

We think that this centre will be so valuable to the movement and would appreciate a donation of any size!

Georgia & Jordan

HeartCure & Sheffiled Animal Save

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