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4Wings Zumba en Familia

by 4Wings in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom


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To reach out, enagage & improve overall health of socially isolated people affected by the pandemic, by delivering Zumba sessions.

by 4Wings in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

1595630805_1595630743698.png Zumba uplifts everyone! 1595630805_1595630743698.png

If you don't want to go the gym, join our ZUMBA EN FAMILIA sessions which will be delivered both online and in person with professional Zumba instructors ONLY, who know the authentic Colombian techniques of the Zumba rhythm! 1595630958_1595630904997.png
    "En familia" from Spanish means "with the family" or "in the family".


4Wings is a not-for-profit organisation that works closely with its members and their expressed needs. PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT SOME OF OUR PROJECTS!  Or visit our DEVELOPING YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

4Wings members trust us because we offer and guarantee a safe and non-judgmental environment where everyone's voice is raised (no matter where you come from, your religious background, your gender/sexual identity, how you dress or what color your skin is). 

  •  Our vision is based on five core values: connecting people, connecting families, reducing social isolation, improving physical and mental health, creativity/having fun. Our mission is to ENGAGE, ENABLE and EMPOWER women.
  • "It's not a Workout! It's a party!" said Alberto Perez, the Colombian Zumba inventor. 4Wings' Zumba en Familia objective is to lift up everyone who may want to take part in our sessions: teenagers or adults who may want to loose weight or improve physical health; physicaly fit people who don't like to share the space at the gym ;) or want to try a different, fun work out; beginners who are too shy and feel more protected in a reserved environment; and last but not least, people fighting social isolation

We came up with this idea during pandemic times after seeing its negative impact on overall wellbeing. People's mental health and physical bodies have been adversely affected while staying home for several months.

It has been very difficult for our sessions to be delivered, including our usual drop-in service to support clients with: one-to-one coaching sessions, advocacy and personal development. Reserchers agree that hobbies and physical activities such as dance keep one's mind busy and helps one not to drown into depression. Statistics have proven that during traumatic events, those who were occupied in an activity, asserted they felt more positive and less adversely/negatively affected by their experience (in this case the  pandemic).

  • The money will go towards 12 weeks project costs: sourcing a professional Zumba instructor that will teach all the Colombian techniques of aerobic dances;  contributing to the space costs for sessions; travel refunds for participants who are financially disdavantaged; refreshments and towards a project coordinator.
  • 4Wings is BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) led and all the projects that we deliver are always inclusive of people from all racial bacgrounds. We have had participants from Europe, Africa and the Americas. We do not condone any racist, prejudiced or aggressive behaviour. According to our Anti-Discrimination policy, 4Wings firmly believes that we are all equal.
  • We will give rewards to those who respond first to support us! We THANK you!!



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2 Life Coaching Sessions worth £50 each

The aim of a life coaching session is to improve one's ability to achieve goals & focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past. It is suitable for anyone that:-has set goals but is finding it difficult to achieve them; is stuck in life/their career; has had numerous counselling sessions, is tired of looking back, wants to look forward & make required changes. The fulfilment date is provisional and can be sooner than set date.

£15 or more

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T shirt designed by 4Wings Members

Designed during creative projects we have had exploring identity, refugees journeys, life dreams....and more. These have been hand painted and copies made using transfer image techniques. The fulfilment date is provisional and can be sooner than set on this listing.

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Painting by 4Wings members

We have many talented members, some who are great creative artists and performers.

Let's make '4Wings Zumba en Familia' happen

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