help us raise funds for,46 DonDadda clothing line,, in future preferences we aim the young people get jobs in deprived areas in the country

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Clothing line, created as a platform for young people to be apart of and, we created some high class Velvet streetsuits, reflection caps and baby clothes ready to be delivered to your door, we have many more projects involving young people and how we can help them grow to earn more money, always offering more opportunities for young people helping them on their future through support/jobs moreover to help tyoung men women to be consciuosly aware that what they put it they get back from life.

Our Clothes reavch out to many people from the different countries to also find out more about Ne1, 46 stands purely for ne4-ne6 where the deprived areas in Newcastle are based, many unemployment and homelessness encouraged us at DonDadda to base our clothing line and many more ventures we have in store on these particular areas of the north east, including the town center where the young people prefer to escape to.

46DonDadda We Ain't gone be beaten on quality.

The originally world famous 46 DonDadda forget imitations.