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by Norbert Pitigoi in London, England, United Kingdom

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I want to pay 45% of my personal income to the UK government.

by Norbert Pitigoi in London, England, United Kingdom

I'm a Romanian gypsy, become an EU citizen that lives and works in the UK. 

It all started when I watched "David Attenborough A life on Our Planet", and I called myself an idiot! but why?

Because I wanted to try to save my planet, Planet Earth, and I realize that if I will not try now, I'll regret it later, but if, I'll try now I have no idea in what adventures I'll go into and what is going to happen.

And everything started, I've realized that knowledge is the power of changing ourselves and our environment, belief gives us hope to aspire to greater ideas. 

I started to think more positive, I started to love books even more than before, I started to love my planet "Planet Earth" more, and I started to feel that love back from it, and it was so strange, and unbelievably, I was filing so full of energy, and have the desire to don't quit. 

I communicated more with the people around me, on the internet, and become more friendly. 

And I started to help my community, peoples from the streets, learn how to recycle my garbage in my house, and how to implement that into society, and then I asked myself why we don't want to save our planet?

The answer came from a friend from work who said "if you don't save to yourself first then how you're going the planet ?" He's right!

That's how I decide to say my story and see if I can gather some money for:

-Me and my girlfriend, 

-A house for us where we can have a cat and a dog :D,

-My company:,

-A trip for us, 

-A common dream of me and a friend (a boat),

-Pay the government of the UK during these times. 

In the last 2 weeks, I've been thru a mental problem that I bearly understated myself, I was not able to sleep properly, I was thinking only on ideas, good, bad, stupid, no matters what I was doing.

 I was scared because at the same time I was making people around me concern about my health.

 But I believed in myselfe!

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