Creative Wellbeing & Empowerment Programmme 2019

by Emerciana Desouza in Derby, Derbyshire, England

Creative Wellbeing & Empowerment Programmme 2019

To promote self care, self regulation, self expression & self love for womxn (self-identifying/trans inc.) in a supportive & nurturing space

by Emerciana Desouza in Derby, Derbyshire, England


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Emerciana (Em) is an artist, poet, expressive arts facilitator & energy worker. She is also co-founder of ‘She Speaks’ & 'Collective Mind Space'. Her work explores class, gender, sexuality & race in order to support & share typically unheard & underrepresented narratives. Em runs 'Creative Wellbeing & Empowerment' workshops which promote natural cycles of being and enable personal transformation & growth.

Mental Health Concerns in the UK

Mental health concerns are significant within the UK, studies suggest that as many as 1 in 6 adults have a common mental disorder (McManus et al, 2016). More specifically mixed anxiety and depression is the most common mental disorder in Britain, with 7.8% of people meeting the criteria for diagnosis (NICE, 2011). Labour Force Survey (LFS) state that there are a high number of people reporting work related stress, depression or anxiety and that stress accounted for 45% of all working days lost to ill health. Following on from this, a particular concern are the suicide rates which suggest that men are most at risk, whilst the female suicide rate in the UK at its highest since 2011 (Suicide statistics report, 2016). In addition, research states that loneliness and social isolation are to health as lacking social a connection is a comparable risk factor for early death as it increases likelihood of mortality by 26%.  A higher percentage of women reported feeling lonely some of the time or often (Beaumont, 2013).

Benefits of Therapeutic Arts

Research suggests that the use of art as a tool for healing can compliment the biomedical view by focusing on the holistic nature of the person instead of solely sickness and symptoms. In addition, self-expression through art making it has been found to enable positive reconstruction of identity, positive life experiences, enhances self-worth, as well as naturally and effectively reducing levels of stress (Stuckey & Nobel, 2010). “The arts are intrinsically worthwhile. They give joy to our lives and beauty to our environments…in addition to this they produce many other benefits to individuals and to society in general, especially through improved mental and physical health.” (The Baring Foundation, 2012).

Money Raised Will...

- Cover costs of room hire, facilitator costs and resources for workshops.

- Allow the Creative Wellbeing Programme to go ahead for March - July 2019.

- Enable free places for people from low income backgrounds as well as with underrepresented/marginalised identities. 

- Cover costs of room hire, facilitator costs and resources for workshops.


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Limited Edition 'Non Verbal' Art & Poetry Zine Pamphlets - Edition 1 & Edition 2.

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1 - Year Subscription to monthly 'Non-Verbal' Art & Poetry Zine/Pamphlet and A3 Art Print of your choice x 2

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