40th birthday fundraiser

by Jo Dunbar in Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom

40th birthday fundraiser


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To mark turning 40, I wanted to thank my haematology Centre for helping me make the milestone through buying them an item off their wishlist

by Jo Dunbar in Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom

Whilst in ICU just over a year ago, a nurse and I were talking about turning 40, and how she was feeling a bit down about it. I said that after all I’d been through, if I made it to 40 I was having a big celebration. She replied that after the year I’d had, if I made it to 40, it was them that deserved the party!

It was only a joke, but it showed a seed of an idea to Mark my 40th birthday by giving something back to thank and honour the medical staff who have done so much for me over the last few years since I developed an issue with clotting.

I asked two of the units that have been involved in my care for items off their wish lists. Roald Dahl Centre for Haemostasis and Thrombosis (my haematology heroes!) chose a Mesi ABPI MD device for detecting and monitoring Peripheral Arterial Disease.

And so, my goal has become to raise £2500 for them to enable them to purchase the device which will help enormously in speedy diagnosis and effective management of patients.

I am also aiming to raise the same for Awyr Las Charity to buy fans for the haematology ward.

I held a charity evening at a local restaurant, raffle, table top sale and silent auction and so far have raised £3200 and am looking for fund matching to help me make it the £5000 - £2500 for each charity.

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