40th Birthday Album-Making Fundraiser

by Briony Greenhill in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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I'm sitting on tonnes of songs and improvisations and I want to put them into albums, and do it properly!

by Briony Greenhill in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Hello! Thank you for reading.

I'm turning 40 on June 9. I feel in my mature clear creative voice. I'm sitting on an abundance of improvisations and songs. How on earth to make albums? Where does the money come from, the musicians, the time, the return? There's a sense that this creativity needs support, needs help; has something to give, and would love to be approached professionally.

Teaching provides a fairly reliable income. Artistry seems so much more fragile; finding the time to practice and polish and offer is challenging... But it feels important and not to be put in the margins.

So, I'd like to ask my friends and family, students and community if you would like to give me a birthday present of any size contribution towards making TWO albums:

1) a compilation of improvisations, including Masters of Regeneration and Only for the Grace of you

2) An album of songs including Broken World and Bless the Girl and many more; with strings and bass and percussion and vocal harmonies and everything! Done proper like!

Anything tiny medium sized or big is welcome! And then I will make some albums. Ahhhhhhhhhh. The fundraising goal is kind of arbitrary; I'll just work with whatever comes.

OK I've been advised to offer gimmicks! So here goes :)

For £15 you get one free album (so you're basically just buying it in advance :)

For £25 you get two free albums

For £50 I'll improvise you a personal birthday song on your birthday

For £100 I'll come to your house or community centre and do a workshop or concert for you and your friends (they'll need to pay a bit but you won't)

For £1000 I will give you a personal sound healing with a skilled friend or two

For over £1000 I will give you 5 free personal voice or voice career coaching sessions, or probably anything else you want within reason :)

Thank you!!!!!! This is exciting! I wonder what will happen!?!

Big warm hugs,

Briony xx

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