40 Years of Rankin Grand Prize Draw

by The Rankins in Brighton, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

40 Years of Rankin Grand Prize Draw
We did it
On 4th December 2021 we successfully raised £4,455 with 291 supporters in 33 days

As the culmination of our "Forty Years of Rankin" we want to offer you the chance to own a unique piece of Rankin memorabilia!

by The Rankins in Brighton, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

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On offer in our Grand Prize Draw are unique, rare, or "sold-out" items of Rankinalia, and each comes with a complimentary copy of Robert's 2021 comic "Hot Potz" and a genuine splinter of the Flying Swan's bar counter-top.

As we were both amazed and astounded at the reaction to our eBay auctions and limited edition offerings, we decided that in order to offer - as fairly and equitably as we could -  the chance to own a special piece of Rankin history to as many people as possible we would end the year with a grand prize draw. We hope you'll agree that we've found some pretty special prizes! We are limiting entries to a maximum of four per person in the hope of ensuring those with greater or smaller wallets will be equally represented amongst the lucky winners.

Please read our Ts&Cs for full details of the method of draw, the free entry method, and all other relevant information.

Due to legal reasons we are not allowed to accept entries from outside the UK. 

The initial offerings are:

1: Original model of the FA Cup, made for the cover of "Knees Up Mother Earth" - sadly now missing its handles, but still a wonderful piece! (Robert for scale).1634996019_pxl_20211023_095001779.jpg

  • 2: One copy of "The Book With No Words", rejected due to printing errors!  Will be signed and dedicated by Robert.1634996125_pxl_20211015_155544631.jpg1634996314_pxl_20211015_155614965.jpg

  • 3: Rejected concept art for the cover of "Retromancer" drawn by Robert, colours and lettering by Raygun. We have lost the original digital copy of this in a hard-drive incident of yore, making this a real collector's piece!1635000858_retromancer_alt_covers_small.jpg

  • 4: "The Tortoise Whisperer's Husband" unique stoneware pot, hand thrown by the lovely wife, illustrated by Robert.


  • 5: Copy of the Brighton Zodiac Carriageway C1634997030_pxl_20211010_161302550.jpgonstellations Map, signed by both Sally Hurst and Robert Rankin.

  • 6: Copy of "Empires" (limited edition, long since sold out), signed and dedicated by Robert.


  • 7: Lewes Bowl Movement Centenary Plate


  • 8: The very last ever "Flying Swan" mug


  • 9: Alternative cover design (2D original artwork) for "Snuff Fiction", signed by Robert - a true collector's item! This cover was designed and submitted by Robert but rejected in favour of the now legendary Bondage Teapot (which resides in the lovely wife's music room/yoga studio and where it will most definitely be staying!).


  • 10: The now legendary Lewes Bowl Movement Bowl (pink).

Don't forget that each of these amazing prizes will come with a signed copy of "Hot Potz" and a piece of the actual Flying Swan bar counter.

As each £200-worth of tickets are sold we will add another special prize until we run out!

And to try and make this draw as fair as possible we kindly ask that people only purchase a maximum of four entries, and reserve the right to remove entries by individuals in excess of four.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for full details. 

Entry options



1 entry


Pint of Large

2 entries


Magic Beans

3 entries


Golden Griffin

4 entries

Postal entry

Send your details to:
40 Years of Rankin Grand Prize Draw
R. Rankin
Pottery Gagliano
16-30 Hollingdean Road

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