4 Shires Swimming Club Training Camp 2016

4 Shires Swimming Club Training Camp 2016

This is a challenge for 10 swimmers to swim 2500 miles go get sponsorship for their training camp in Tenerife in the autumn of 2016..

We did it!

On 11th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £215 with 12 supporters in 56 days

About Us

Four Shires Swimming Club (or 4SSC for short) are a small, but competitive, club with a growing membership of swimmers keen to compete, or to simply develop their fitness through swimming. Whilst primarily serving children aged 10 - 16, we also have a growing masters section, proving it's never too late to take to the training pool.


Our Project

We are running a training camp during the autumn of 2016 to Tenerife to prepare a small group of 10 of our best swimmers for the 2017 County & Region Championships. The cost of the trip for each swimmer has been met by their family. This funding will be to meet the central costs of coaching staff and chaporones.


The camp will be rigorous, with training starting at 7.30am each day, including two 2hr pool sessions and land training in the gym and also flume work to analyse their stroke to help make minor improvements and gain precious seconds.


We will be running the camp in conjunction with Witney & District Swimming Club, who are taking 20 swimmers.


The Challenge

Our 10 intrepid swimmers have committed, over the next 4-6 months, to swim the distance from Chipping Norton to Tenerife, some 4000km or 2500 miles. This will be done as part of their normal training sessions, but represents a significant increase is distance for each swimmer. We have a page on our website dedicated to the progress of both the swimming and the fundraising, click here.



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