Funding required to get our plans back on track!

Funding required to get our plans back on track!

To complete work that has been started on refitting 3 bathrooms within our house. The company contracted to do the works have gone bust...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We recently moved to our forever home in the heart of Scotland. The house needed a little work doing to it to bring it into the 21st Century and to make it more comfortable. We approached a local bathroom company to carry ou the work of refitting 3 bathrooms and was quoted £23,000 to complete the works, we believed them to be reputable (no signs that they had any issues etc.), so based on the fact they had spent a lot of time discussing the project with us and building our confidence in them, we agreed that they would be the best company for us and paid them what was required, which was a total of £19,997.08 (this was in two installments).

The project was under way and 2 of the 3 bathrooms had been ripped out, this was when the alarm bells started ringing, as trades stopped appearing on site and then after 3 weeks of no communication where we have heard nothing from the company involved, we have just learnt that the company have gone into administration and with no assets we're not going to see our money ever again .

We are in a desperate situation as;
1, My personal mental health is being dramatically affected and I'm spiralling into a deeper depression.
2, We do not have the remaining funds to finance the works on the bathrooms (definitely not a further £20,000). So, this is now adding additional pressure on my relationship.
3, As part of our home we also run a small holiday let, we had hoped that with the work completed as soon as we could get it done (before the summer season), we would avoid either losing income from the holiday let (because we need somewhere to wash), or because of the disruption with trades being on site etc.

The ultimate goal for us once all the work has been completed on the house would be to add additional accommodation pods to the land to the rear of our property so we are able to create a retreat for visitors suffering from mental health disorders. We want to create a safe environment where they can come stay, rest and recuperate within the beautiful Perthshire countryside. I feel that this major setback with the bathroom refits has completely jeopardised our future plans.