Funding Manufacture of Matrix, Molds & Playing Pieces, incl' those for Blind, colour Blind, or Sight Impaired People.Plus IP Legal Fee's.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


                                                            Welcome to the World of 3GO3D™.  

3GO3D® is a 3 Dimensional evolution of Noughts & Crosses as a Table Game that is Played by Three People.  It is, barring "piggy in the middle", skipping and a few Card & Board Games, the first Table Game invented solely for Three Players.

3GO3D® is played on a Precision Engineered Anodised Aluminium Matrix.  The Matrix comprises a perfect solid Aluminium Sphere hewn and shaped from an aluminium rod, and 26 Aluminium Pins, the Sphere is then drilled with 26  tapped holes.  Each Pin is individually made and threaded.  All of these procedures require an extremely precise degree of engineering.  Each Sphere & Pin is then individually Anodised ensuring that the construct can be passed through the generations for eons to come.


3GO3D® will also invite Players with sight impairment to join in the Fun & Challenge when Playing Pieces are Produced that are conducive to this.  Having consulted with Action for Blind People, (formerly the RNIB)  in Bristol, for advice on the most suitable size & shape for the Playing Pieces, these Pieces will be 50% larger,  made from Liquid Silicon Rubber in Triangular, Square and Circular form.  A portion of the cash raised will go towards accelerating the manufacture of these Pieces.

I first envisioned this Conceptual, Educational, Fun Game some 5 years ago,  and made the first Prototype, (with cocktail sticks, Blu Tack & fishing line). A short time later I received a disability back payment,  I vowed at that time to put the money into a bank account and keep it there until such time  I figured out how and where to get this Game Matrix, if possible, made.  That time has arrived !


The Matrix has been ergonomically designed, ( 9 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm ) so it sits comfortably in the hands to enhance ease of play. It weighs approximately 120 grams and is Crafted from Aircraft Grade Aluminium and has been Anodised creating a finish that is silky to the touch.  Engineering Accuracy is the key to achieving this six-sided Cube emanating from a Sphere.

 3GO3D®  Enhances, Increases & Hones spatial awareness when regularly played.

3GO3D® is as easy to Play as Noughts & Crosses but it is also strategically as complex as Chess.  

The First 500 Games are considered to be True Pre-Production Prototypes each one Crafted by Man & Machine. No two Matrix will be identical.  Minute tweaking of the Engineering will be ongoing throughout the Production of the 500 Matrixes. One of these 1st 500 will serve as the template for all future ones which will be Created by Programmed Automation, where each Matrix will be a perfect Clone of the others. These 1st 500 will be individually Engineered and Anodized Creating their own uniqueness and Character.

The Matrix is a Work of Art Design in its own right, the 1st 500 Artists proofs, the fact that it is the fulcrum of a Fantastic 21st Century Game only serves to add to its Allure.  Once seen or Played,  this phenomenon will garner interest by word of mouth and social media thus creating commercial viability rapidly. By Pledging Your Support You Will have this Game long before it's available in Retail Outlets to the General Public.

There are three species of Matrix, The LIMBATA which has a Silvered Mirror Finish,  The LADYBIRD which has a Red Sphere & Black Matt Pins, and the SCARABAEUS with Blue Sphere & Matt Black Pins.
 A picture of the SCARABAEUS will be uploaded to this page when the first of them have been Anodised.

Finance ;  Shepherding the Project through  Research, Development, Prototyping & Intellectual Property Protection has been overseen and funded by the Inventor with a Directors Loan of 12.5K raised through a Disability  Award and countless Car Boot Sales over a 5 Year period.  This Capital will remain in the Company until such time as withdrawing it doesn't hamper the smooth fiscal growth of the Business.       Our Accounts are up to date and are open to Due Diligence upon reasonable application.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

This is a  unique British Invention and Design with great potential as a phenomenon in the Global Market.  Priority Patent, Design & IP Rights have been filed.  3GO3D® is a Registered TradeMark.  GAMESUN LTD was Registered as a Business with Companies House on 26th July 2016.

Matrix, Playing Pieces and Packaging are 100% Recyclable.

The Aim of the Project is to raise £15000 + to have Matrix's, Molds and Playing Pieces made, and to cover Legal costs related to Patent and Intellectual Property Rights.   

                                                                 Strongly Made.....Delicately Played

Video Clips and Photographic images Created by Lesle Herron, timothy-bryan, Mathew Hetherington & Kris. Incidental music by Tangerine Dream, Klause Shultz & Tchaikovsky.