3E Community

3E Community

To prepare prisoners for their release by giving them confidence and support through finding an occupation.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

From my visits at the prison and from my work with ex-offenders I've found that the majority of them if not all have the wish to come back being part of the society, to be accepted and appreciated for their achievements and results also to have a normal life with their family and their love ones.

A decrease of crime and re-offending rate has been debated for long time, and the rate needs to be improved. Furthermore there are undiscovered talents and resources in prisons, who could join British work force or improve the British Entrepreneurial status especially after Brexit.

The challenge I see is the perception of the employers, organisations, institutions and the community which has impact on the integration process, a direct impact on re-offending rate.

The solution is to educate businesses and institutions about the resources in prisons and their willingness to do well by building trusting relationships between parties. Peterborough prison is doing just that, however their involvement ceases upon the release. Sustainability is missing, the prison's ground work has to be maintained in order to achieve desired outcomes, which are the motivation behind this project - sustainability.

There are many training providers on the same subject, but they all seem to lack of practice to make it happen and follow through the practicalities, that an entrepreneur has to go through. 3E Community does not only provide the training needed but I'll also personally support the participants over a duration of 18 to 24 months upon release to ensure that they have started on an occupation, which can either be employment, entrepreneur or education and achievable goals to make the integration successful. My aim is to help the ex-offenders setting a business or being self-employed, however if the business proves to be challenging then they will be supported to look for jobs or get training for a job or self-employment.

The root cause of crime has been studied to be poverty, mistreatment, lack of education and occupation. The latter is the essential at this stage. If these needs can be addressed, then a decrease of re-offending rate can be achievable. hence minimise the risk of crime and terrorism.

The results of this project will be presented to the community not only to implement the same concept on young people with challenging background but also to use success stories to inspire the young people making the best choice for themselves. Self-worth and occupation will help preventing illegal acts, which normally lead to national/international crime and terrorism.

The project main target is the prisoners (level B, C and D), who have passion for a particualr subject and would like to transform it to a product or service providing to the society. Also they would like to make it their living style, which is a long-term process, hence the duration of the programme. The project will be run using Agile methodology, where retrospectives will be rectified within short life cycle (sprint).

The programme is combined of 2 phases -  one week training in a group of 12 and a 6 month practice where the participants will work indvidually on her/his business plan and learn to take full responsibility of setting up the business, however they will also be made aware that there is support helping them along the way.