3D Printing Tailor Designed Model Cars

by Max Jaxon O'Neill in Coventry, England, United Kingdom


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I wish to purchase a 3D printer with the aim of designing and making toy / model cars for people who want something unique, on commission.

by Max Jaxon O'Neill in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

As a Product Design Engineer studying Automotive Design, I want to expand my means of design and bring my artistic abilities and CAD capabilities to the market. 

As I'm on a student loan going through this crisis, my money is limited, but my ideas extend past the horizon.  That is why I'm investing all the money and time I can muster to make my business plan work.

I would like to purchase a Formlabs 3D printer which would allow me to print the car designs I have as well as pre-existing cars.  These would then be sold at low prices (due to low printing cost) but still provide me with a small profit which will help contribute towards paying everyday bills.  This business could hopefully expand over time until i can afford machinery, tools & materials to make life-size replica / custom cars on donor chassis (as i have experience in this area also).  This would then become my primary source of income.

Step one is having clients wanting small model cars, planes, boats etc. being custom made in batches for them to a high standard.

Step two requires a consistent and long lasting line of clients wanting trade which would enable me to expand my base of operations.

Step three involves fewer clients with more specific desires which will lead to truly one off creations of art in motion (fully working / sized one off car designs).

What I am offering in return for the crowd funded support is one-off automotive models designed by me and wanted by you.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

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£30 - Super Car Support

Pledging £30 will get you a custom printed CAD render of a super car of the future designed by myself or my team.

£1 or more

£1 - A Token of Appreciation for the Cause

Showing you care about what we are trying to achieve is humbling and appreciated greatly.

£5 or more

£5 - Pit Stop Assist

Spare us a couple cups of coffee?

£50 or more

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£50 - Supercar Print

Pledge £50 today and we'll reward you with a super car designed by myself or my team or alternatively, a pre-existing concept car, printed to 1/24 scale (approx 7" long).

£100 or more

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£100 - Custom Car Designed To Your Specifications

Contact me upon submission of your support and we can exchange ideas and your interests of cars to help me identify a style of your liking. Once you have proposed a list of external qualities you desire, my team and I will conduct research and begin designing your car. Model printed to a 1/24 scale and colour can be selected upon discussion.

£200 or more

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£200 - Portfolio of the Future

This portfolio will contain countless designs and renders of concept cars developed by my team and I as well as one super car model (painted white) featured in the portfolio you receive

£250 or more

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£250 - Beyond The Horizon

Such a tremendous amount of money cannot ever be paid for in commerce at this stage but you will be given one of the options below as well as the admiration and gratitude of our team 'NEXUS'

£500 or more

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£500 - Completely Extraordinary

My team and I will be ever so grateful for your donation and will contact you about arranging a time and place to meet you and thank you for your support and supply you with concept car work we have done on live projects for car manufacturers signed by us giving you a window into the future of the automotive industry. Thank you.

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