3D Midsummer Night's Dream

by Rebecca Gadsby in Derby, England, United Kingdom

3D Midsummer Night's Dream
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Experimenting with the latest technology in 3D projection, face recognition and real-time projection to create a ground breaking new show

by Rebecca Gadsby in Derby, England, United Kingdom


A Midsummer Night's Dream has some of the most beautiful imagery and exciting magical moments in literature. We want to use digital technology to push the boundaries of where the play has gone before. Using the latest technology in projection mapping, face recognition and real-time projection, we will bring you a production of Midsummer that is the stuff of fantasy and dreams. 



We want to experiment with a combination of 3D projection mapping with face time recognition (the technology that used to give you those funny cat ears in Facebook Messenger) to create Bottom's donkey head. The idea is that this will give a realistic image of a donkey, without limiting the actor to exact choreographed moves or a big heavy prop donkey head. It also means....yes....we can animate the donkey head so the mouth can talk, eyes can blink, ears can move and it can have realistic looking fur that blows in the wind. 

And that's not all; when we move to the fairy kingdom, we will use the latest projection mapping techniques to create the most beautiful magical fairy kingdom in the woods. If you're not sure what projection mapping is, click on this link (NB: this is not our work, but it shows you what can be achieved)

Projection Mapping Contest Bucharest

This technology will be combined with 'real time' technology - the tools used in gaming where the background 'reacts' to what you do. So the scenery (trees, leaves etc) will all respond to the actors on stage as they would in real life - exciting, hey? 

We also want to use our imagination to see how this technology can create all of the 'magic' that happens in the show; in a way that has never been done before.


The project already has the backing from Quad Arts Centre (Derby) who are supplying us with a space to experiment, Big House (European charity that supports new business ideas with advice and support) and the Enabling Innovation Fund (an EU charity based in the Midlands that supports innovative ways of using technology). The latter means that we are supported by the leading experts at Nottingham Trent University with the technology. 

We have the ideas, the imagination and the technical support.....but we need funds to make it happen

YOUR HELP: We need finance to pay for fees of all the artists (digital artist, actor, movement director and director) involved and for basic set elements/props to project on to. We may also need to invest in some new technology/software to make our ideas work.


Because we want to attract younger audiences to theatre and to classics. We also want to see how the technology can help to bring stories alive in an imaginative and exciting way. 


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