365 days of sunshine

365 days of sunshine

With your backing I'm going to bring the Caribbean to the UK. I want to build a huge indoor complex to give you heat and guaranteed weather

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My plan is to build a holiday complex that simulates the carribean....think of the truman show but with all the great British fun, with guaranteed sunshine.

I'm looking at beautiful parts of Wales that will really put this country on the map and give it the recognition it deserves.

I envisage it bringing a lot of revenue and employment to a beautiful part of the UK.  To guarantee the weather in a first of its kind in the world, we should draw in valuable tourism from Europe to further shores.

I want the U.K. to be the place to be rather than the "joke" of holiday weather.

When I was in secondary school my history teacher told our class about a far out political group that wanted to tow the UK to the Caribbean.....I think we can do one better :-)