Family-360 is my baby, i love my organisation so much.  I have a deep rooted passion for uplifting, motivating and inspiring families

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 Family-360 is my baby, literally i love my organisation so much.  I have a deep rooted passion for uplifting, motivating and inspiring people especially families.  Im a mummy to four amazing sons and i currently live in Bedfordshire.

Back in 2013 i felt that God was leading me to use my past life experiences (which were traumatic to say the least!), to help and support others. So i followed and here i am today trying to do just that.  I personally have experienced various things and as they say, i have been there, done that worn and re-worn the tshirt and then purchased the matching jeans lol.  Domestic violence, family court custody battle spanning 10 years, single parent, traumatic pregnancy and birth, isolation....... The list goes on.  So because i have been able to make it out on the other side i now want to totally give back to my community and wider, and support families experiencing the same or similar things.  They say that you can never truly understand unless you have been through it yourself.  I firmly believe that sometimes families just need an extra support network to help, and the intervention of more statutory agencies is not always necessary.


So far alot of advertising has been done and getting things off of the ground, however funding is always an issue. I have had the opportunity to run a workshop with parents at a large local church, and the feedback was excellent.  Also having conducted surveys and spoken to families in the community this is something that is welcomed and needed. 


My aim is to set up projects in the community with a team of volunteers to run workshops on empowerment for families, to have financial aid and practical items stored for families in desperate and immediate need, run drop in sessions for families to attend for support and signposting to other local services.

Its really hard to put into words how passionate i am about my organisation and the vision that i see for better families.  If you are able to donate anything no matter how small please please help to support.  This project and all future ones will greatly benefit the community and especially the younger generation coming up, by building firm foundations.  All support is greatly appreciated and i thank you in advance.

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