360 Degree Women Event 2018

by Palma Black in London, Greater London, England

360 Degree Women Event 2018

360 Degree Women Event is a two-day festival celebrating women & confidence and the Centenary of the Suffragettes

by Palma Black in London, Greater London, England

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360 Degree Women - The Confidence to Change Direction 

The Suffragettes won the right for women to vote in 1918. Since then there have been numerous improvements in women’s rights, but today, there still there exists some political, social, economic and cultural barriers that impact confidence and deny girls and women the opportunities to achieve their dreams and live fulfilling lives. 

Research has highlighted that ‘women in the UK have one of the lowest body confidence scores in the world, with only 20% of us saying we like the way that we look’.  Confidence and self-esteem are the foundations on which a healthy life can be built, with many studies highlighting how a lack of self-confidence can cause a great many issues later in life.   Children with confidence grow into adults who enjoy stronger relationships, trust their own instincts more often and are less likely to get into trouble or addictive behaviour cycles. They are the foundations upon which a healthy life can be built, with many studies highlighting how a lack of self-confidence can cause a great many issues later in life.

360 Degree Women is a collaborative event, an opportunity for a diverse range of organisations, businesses, groups, entrepreneurs, Coaches and more, to inspire and imbue confidence in girls and women, to reach them in a way they cannot do on their own.  

360 Degree Women is a viable proposition:  Market research carried out on LinkedIn, (January 2018), elicited over 200 offers, within five days, from UK based organisations, individuals and businesses expressing a desire to speak, deliver workshops, demonstrations and more, for free.  Among these are some very large, reputable organisations, who recognise the innovative concept and value the event.  360 Degree Women is the sum of its parts. The time is ripe for this event. The two-days will be a festival-style event with Motivational Speakers, Workshops, Demonstrations, Taster Sessions, Singing, Yoga, Dancing and many more activities across Six Zones:

  1. Education & Careers Zone
  2. Enterprise Zone
  3. Mind, Body & Soul Zone
  4. Women’s Rights and Campaigns
  5. House & Home Zone
  6. Financial & Future You Zone

360 Degree Women will:

  • Celebrate of the Centenary of the Suffragette movement and other campaigns, acknowledging the role that women have played and continue to play in pushing the feminist agenda in the UK and elsewhere.
  • Promote women-led campaigns such as the Gender Pay Gap, Sexual Harassment in the workplace, Domestic Violence, FGM and more.
  • Save participants time and money by bringing together a wide range of organisations for women’s empowerment and confidence-building.
  • Positively impact the lives of girls and women by providing a multitude of opportunities for them to change direction.
  • Appeal to those lacking in confidence or simply needing a boost, as it will provide opportunities to stretch individuals.
  • Offer a safe and supportive environment for participants to try out sessions - free of judgement.
  • Provide platforms for a broad range of women’s businesses, enterprises and groups
  • Facilitate networking opportunities for participants to gain the tools to achieve their dreams through the exploration of the endless opportunities awaiting them.
  • Benefit all participants and delivery agents; offering opportunities to make new alliances and collaborations for longer term benefit of girls and women in the UK.

360 Degree Women is more than just a one-off event, it will launch a series of smaller thematic events, touring the country, reaching female communities where needed. 

This appeal seeks to raise deposit funds to secure a venue suitable for the event and the diverse opportunities on offer.     My desire is for a Central London location that is accessible to girls and women from across the UK.  It must be large enough to host Six Zones, each with interactive workshops and demonstrations, audiences for motivational speakers, as well as space for one-to-one surgeries for Coaching sessions, financial and legal advice.  

Further funds for the event will be raised through sponsorship, sales of exhibition spaces, brochure advertising, ticketing, funding applications, donations, membership fees and sales of merchandise.  Click through the links above to learn more.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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You will receive a One Day Ticket and your name will be listed on the website as a 360 Degree Women Supporter

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You will receive a Ticket to Two Days at the event and listed on the website as 360 Degree Women supporter

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You will receive a ticket to One Day, plus a T-Shirt with 360 Degree Women logo - T-Shirt to be delivered by July 2018

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You will receive a ticket to Two Days, plus a T-Shirt with 360 Degree Women logo - T-shirt to be delivered by July 2018

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You will You will get you a Ticket for two days, plus access to 360 Degree Women hosted webinars. A suite of webinars will be created by 360 Degree Women delivery partners in line with the thematic offers at the event.

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Advertising in the event brochure

For Groups and Businesses - You will receive a half page advertising in the event brochure (60% discount/mono). You will also be listed on the website as a 360 Degree Women Supporter.

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Discounted Exhibition Stall

For Groups and Businesses - You will receive a discounted stall/exhibition space at the event in your selected Zone. Normal price will be £350+. You will also be listed on the website as a supporter and if applicable, you can submit an article for the brochure too!

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