33AD - a New musical

33AD - a New musical

I am looking for funding to take my new musical "33AD" to the Fringe in Edinburgh.  I have written both the music and libretto.  it is...

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 I am looking for funding to take my new musical "33AD" to the Fringe in Edinburgh.  I have written both the music and libretto.  It is all ready to go, I have actors, stage managers and crew lined up, I just need funding.  This is your chance to get involved in a new and exciting musical which could be the next Broadway hit.  For more info go to www.33ad.co.uk

33AD is centred around Nadi and his family.  Jesus worked for Nadi's dad in the carpentry workshop in Nazareth.  Nadi's parents were crucified as they didn't give up the location of Nadi's brother Levi who is accused of stealing from the Romans.  Nadi goes to Jerusalem to be with Levi.  For three years they plan with Barabbas how to overthrow the Romans.   They plan to kill Pontius Pilate. 

When Jesus enters Jerusalem he meets Nadi.   Jesus sees how lost Nadi is and invites him to join him for his Last Supper.   Nadi has to choose whether to fight with his brother or join Jesus.  He joins Jesus.  It is after the meal that Nadi realises Jesus is in fact the Messiah, his best friend from years ago.  How is this possible? 

Nadi is with Jesus in the garden when Judas betrays him.  Nadi runs away naked when then a guard tries to capture him.  However, Nadi returns and is arrested with Jesus.  He is with Jesus until his last breath on the cross.  Beside Jesus on the cross is Levi, who is the penitent thief.  Levi asks Jesus to remember when him when he enters into his kingdom.  Nadi is happy that Levi has been saved.

Nadi was there at the empty tomb with Mary Magdalene and on the beach when Jesus revealed himself.  Nadi spoke to John when he was writing his gospel.  John asks if Nadi wants to be named, but Nadi just wants to be referred to as the beloved disciple, the disciple whom Jesus loved.   


"...the hard work you have put into this extraordinary work. Playing all the instruments, writing the book, lyrics and score and indeed notating it yourself is a monumental achievement of which you should be very proud. What is usually a broad collaborative effort you have undertaken it seems all by yourself, and that requires recognition and praise.
...What is impressive though and commendable is your decision to write a sung through piece. Some of the music is truly beautifully melodically and harmonically and this coupled with the almost drum and bass motifs with piano is extremely interesting. "

-A Stage Kindly review 

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