30 Days Around Europe

30 Days Around Europe

Let me start off my introducing myself; I’m 24 years old and have a huge passion for aviation. I’m a Qualified Single Engine Aircraft...

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Let me start off my introducing myself; I’m 24 years old and have a huge passion for aviation. I’m a Qualified Single Engine Aircraft Pilot, the Plan is to fly an aircraft around the to the four corners of the European union visiting city’s towns and villages, meeting the locals, taking part in local activities and bringing the European countries together to and raise awareness of Pilot trianing and what it takes to learn to fly. 

Ive already had one flying tour of Florida in October 2012 flying around the state just basically seeing the sites and this have given me the enthusiasm and determination for this idea.

While flying around these countries I’m planning on provocative and challenge the misconceptions of the large coorporations and airlines have about flight training. Flight training to gain an ATPL is very expensive in excess of £100,000 for intergrated trianing, and there should be more ways to help the passionate and skilled trainees the funding for trianing. whilst also hoping this will get the problem out there for more scholarships to be introduced. 

After finding a suitable Aircraft, the first thing needed would be to find sponsorship for such a huge journey. I am flying the aircraft myself with another fellow pilot from London around different countries in Europe visiting as many different destinations as permits; by permits I mean, by how much fuel we have left, weather, ATC clearance, time of day and whether the aircraft is not breaking apart and then eventually back to London. Ideas for sponsorship for the trip are in the sponsorship page.

once all planned we will start the months of planning and raising awareness in the UK and europe for this tour, me my co-pilot will be raising awareness and documenting on the tour as we go along; will take off from an airfield in Essex and head to mainland Europe. The estimated tour time will be around 4 weeks; the estimated Distance Traveled by air is 8900 miles. In order to save money in this trip we are going to take a tent and sleeping equipment.

We are not planning on staying in any hotels or hostels and are planning on sleeping in the aircraft or camping on the airfield and use their facilities. However if the weather is so bad then we will find suitable accommodation. Our idea is to fly as much as we can, spreading the word and raising awareness of our cause and keep the idle ground time to a minimum. However we realize that sleep is a vital part of this trip as we do need to be awake enough for the flying for safety reasons; otherwise we obviously wouldn’t take any breaks. The exact route isn’t completed yet and won’t be until the day of the flight, due to air traffic restrictions and meteorological conditions on the day.

  1. London (Departure Point)
  2. Gent, Belgium
  3. Eindhoven, Netherlands
  4. Hanover, Germany
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark
  6. Stockholm, Sweden
  7. Helsinki, Finland
  8. St Petersburg, Russia
  9. Tallinn, Estonia
  10. Riga, Latvia
  11. Vilnius, Lithuania
  12. Warsaw, Poland
  13. Ostrava, Czech Republic
  14. Vienna, Austria
  15. Budapest, Hungry
  16. Belgrade, Serbia
  17. Sofia, Bulgaria
  18. Burgas, Bulgaria
  19. Izmir, Turkey
  20. Heraklion, Crete
  21. Athens, Greece
  22. Ioannina, Greece
  23. Vlore, Albania
  24. Toranto, Italy
  25. Siderno, Italy
  26. Pachino, Sicily
  27. Valetta, Malta
  28. Palermo, Sicily
  29. Cosenza, Italy
  30. Naples, Italy
  31. Rome, Italy
  32. Pisa, Italy
  33. Cannes, France
  34. Montpellier, France
  35. Barcelona, Spain
  36. Valladolid, Spain
  37. Porto, Portugal
  38. Gijon, Spain
  39. Bordeaux, France
  40. La Rochelle, France
  41. Rennes, France
  42. Jersey, UK
  43. Paris, France
  44. Calais, France
  45. London (Final Arrival)

We are going to document the whole tour by video cameras and daily logs of the flying ranging from rating the flights themselves, the airfield’s and services to the local town and their help in helping raise awareness. Why am I doing this? As many people have asked, what’s appealing about being cramped in a small aircraft for hours on end for days on end flying around Europe? Well basically what’s better than raising awareness for a passionate cause which will affect every pilot in their early days in one way or another and to do this while sightseeing meeting locals and raising awareness in other countries and gain experience of other cultures, airports and climates in Europe where you can get extremely cold to extremely hot climates in a couple of hours flying. Not only are we going to be documenting the flights but also the stopover in each town learning about their cultures, We will take part in activities with the locals whilst still raising awareness of this situation.

So We’re going to be posting photos and videos of our trip and keeping a diary on how we get along, detailing every little moment on tour for you all to enjoy and share our experience with you, Were also going to be keeping a video blog whilst on the tour to keep everyone updated on our progress. While on tour were going to be making a complete file of what we do, how we got there and how everything is. We are going to be rating airfields, aircraft scenery cities and of course our flights and stop overs.

We hope that in our build up to our trip and rainsing awareness we will be present at many Large UK Airhshows in magazines talking about the issues with securing funding and pilot jobs, which will all help bring this to larger indrusty leaders, and hopefully the governement. we ae hoping to secure sponsors from large companies along with the generous general public. For companies that would like to sponsor us for our expenditure we will offer publicity by selling advertising on our aircraft, banners, clothing, our website and mentions in our video and diary logs.





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