3-year-old Yousef in Palestine

by Clive in Palestine

3-year-old Yousef in Palestine


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Yousef has congenital conditions that could be corrected with operations. But he lives in Palestine and needs your help to afford the ops.

by Clive in Palestine

My name is Clive, I am reaching out to this wonderful community to seek your help in supporting a West Bank family.  I am not Arabic or Muslim, nor do I live or work in Palestine, but I am extending a hand of friendship between Wales and Palestine; West and East; Christian and Muslim; human to human.

In February 2019, I travelled on pilgrimage to Israel and the West Bank. Unfortunately, I had an accident in Jerusalem and was helped by a kindly man, Adel, from Wadi Foukin, who checked on my recovery daily.

Adel and I became friends. He shared with me the plight of one of his sons, a 3-year-old twin, Yousef.

Congenital Oligodactyly

Congenital Hypospadias

Congenital nasal and breathing issues

Yousef's main medical condition is Oligodactyly. He needs treatment, and possibly prosthetics and plastic surgery.

Adel is a teacher during the day and works in a central Bethlehem hotel at night; he is stressed and tired but must work, work, work to afford Yousef's medical bills.

Growing up in poverty, in desperate conditions, in the difficulty of West Bank, is bad enough. Growing up with disabilities in such conditions is something I cannot comprehend and there's the possibility of school bullying to come because Yousef is "different".

With your help, kindness and love, Yousef's medical conditions will turn from a concern to become something to inspire his life. Your kind consideration will tribute to Yousef's smile.

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