3 Peaks Challenge - Costa Foundation

3 Peaks Challenge - Costa Foundation

We want to build a school in Vietnam with the Costa Foundation. Pleases sponsor my team to take on the 3 Peaks Challenge.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The 3 Peaks Challenge involves climbing the three highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland in less than 30 hours.

It's physically and mentally demanding and importantly requires a support team of drivers, caterers and motivators to make it work.

We can now very proudly reveal  the school your fundraising this year is going to help build is Hoa Cuc school in Cu Cuin District. Whilst visiting Vietnam a couple of weeks ago we were shown their current school which is in a couple of government buildings that were not intended to be used for a school and have no facilities. We have now had it confirmed this site has been put forward to have a purpose built school and it’s ours to build ! 

Please show your support by sponsering our team to take on the challenge.

Every donation helps