2nd Whalley Range Scout Hut Project

by Julian Beach in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

2nd Whalley Range Scout Hut Project


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2nd Whalley Range Scout Group is raising funds for the replacement of our old Scout building with a new, modern facility for community use.

by Julian Beach in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Over the last 18 months, 2nd Whalley Range Scouts Group has been developing plans and fundraising to replace our old wooden Scout buildings with a new wooden construction which will meet the needs of modern Scouting as well as serving as a valuable community resource. We have raised over £260,000 for the construction of the building. Demolition of the old buildings started in June 2019, and over the summer of 2019 the initial construction of the building started, assisted by young people from the Scout Group, parents, and volunteers from the wider community. We are now in the final stages of the construction and we are raising funds to finish the project off. We are seeking support through the sponsorship of individual building components.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

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Sponsor a plasterboard sheet

We need 210 sheets of plasterboard on the internal walls of the building. But sponsoring one or more sheets, we will include your name on our Sponsor Board

£20 or more

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Buy us a chair!

We need new stacking chairs for activities and when we let the building out to other groups.

£25 or more

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Sponsor a wooden panel

The new building is a wooden construction, but much of the interior will be plasterboarded apart from some key walls and the entrance lobby, which we are finishing in fire resistant wood sheets. If you sponsor one of these, you will have your name added to our Sponsor Board

£25 or more

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Buy us a tonne of hardcore

We are levelling the top of our site and laying a new tarmac drive to make it has easy as possible for people using wheelchairs to access the building. This requires a lot of material to be level the ground. By sponsoring a tonne of hardcore (MOT1), you will be helping to ensure that everyone who wants to can get into the building.

£85 or more

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Buy us a table

We need new tables to replace our old wooden folding tables, which are becoming dangerous to use. We want to replace them with new heavy duty folding tables which will last at least 20 years.

£100 or more

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Sponsor a light fitting

We are aiming for the building to be as energy efficient as possible, so we are using high efficiency LED light fittings throughout, supplied by Ledvance. The light fittings have a high initial cost, although they will make big savings on electricity use and maintenance. If you sponsor one of the lights, your name will be added to our Sponsor Board and you will helping to illuminate our activities on dark winter nights

£150 or more

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Sponsor a radiant panel

We are using radiant panels on the ceiling of the main hall rather than traditional radiators, as these will keep the walls clear and maintain a low level of heating in what is already a very well insulated room. By sponsoring a radiant panel, your name will be added to our Sponsor Board under the Radient Panel section and you will be helping to keep users warm in cold weather

£450 or more

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Sponsor a window

Our old hut had very little natural light, but we want our new building to have plenty of natural light. We have roof windows in the main hall, but we also have 4 full-height double-glazed wooden windows in the building. By sponsoring one of these, we will add your name to the windowe frame, as well as adding your name to the Sponsor Board

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