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Living with breast cancer takes a physical and emotional toll. We want to support patients by introducing monthly well-being sessions.

by Make 2nds Count in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

About us

Make 2nds Count is dedicated to making women and men living with incurable secondary breast cancer count. There are approximately 35,000 people currently living in the UK with secondary breast cancer and approximately, 1,000 people die every month in the UK from this disease.  We’re called Make 2nds Count for a reason – we have the passion, experience and urgency to support all those affected by the disease and make every second count.    

What is secondary breast cancer?

Secondary breast cancer, also known as metastatic, advanced or stage IV breast cancer, is a cancer that has spread beyond the breast to other parts of the body. It occurs when the initial breast cancer cells (primary breast cancer) spread through the blood stream or lymphatic system to other parts of the body.

Secondary breast cancer can be treated but it cannot be cured. Treatments aim to control and slow down the disease to enable patients to have the best possible quality of life for as long as possible.

Sites of secondary breast cancer

Living with secondary breast cancer 

Living with secondary breast cancer can take both a physical and emotional toll.  Patients may feel distressed from uncertainty or feelings of loss, have fears about survival and disease progression, or worry about the impact on family and friends. Also, symptoms of secondary breast cancer and side effects from medical treatments can also cause depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, pain and other physical side effects that can affect mood.

'I’m sorry but there is no cure. No cure. As a patient the impact of these words goes beyond the relentless chemotherapy, the hair loss, the fatigue, constant surgeries (13 to date since 2017) the loss of hope and happiness. In conjunction with battling the physical impacts of living with metastatic disease the mental impacts are just as gruelling.  Finding people that ‘get it’ is extremely difficult as It is a disease that no one talks about, finding specialists who know how to work with patients with metastatic disease is even harder. We are incurable. Not terminal, until the end. Having access to professionals who understand the life we lead and can provide advice and access to programmes that would help my wellbeing would be life changing. It would give me an incentive to leave the house, to meet others in my position and hopefully find a little bit of happiness again.' Lisa Fleming, Founder

How we aim to help

Make 2nds Count would like to establish monthly well-being sessions to help support the improvement of the both mental and physical health of secondary breast cancer patients.   We are in contact with several professionals who understand people’s health requirements while undergoing cancer treatments and are willing to work alongside us to develop monthly exercise classes, to not only help improve physical health but also the mental well-being of secondary breast cancer patients.

We are asking for £5000 to help implement well-being meet up sessions tailored specifically to secondary breast cancer patients from April onwards with the sessions taking place monthly thereafter.   


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