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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Hi everyone, I'm raising money to fix my health, to pay for my treatment in general.

by Johnny Dybator in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Well my story is long, but  I will shortly describe last three years of my life.

So "everything" started in mid 2015, and I don't want to come back in my mind to this situation. Anyway, since mid 2015 I am not working, cause I suffer first from meantal health probs like neurosis and after that depression.

Then from some time (hard to descirbe when exactly) I got a strange health problems which making my life sad and hard. I can't do most of jobs which I done before (mostly physcial jobs, or where physical movements were involved).  I want to collect money for paying for my treatment, as I need to do few things, like for example dental things, but mostly I need to find out what is wrong with my health, and is hard to do by "normal way" as my health exams are quite well, but still something is wrong with my health. Before mid 2015 I worked 7 years in different countires. But I changed my job ... 60 times (usually something was wrong) so I didn't save a decent amount of money, or I didn't secure my elf with some goods, valuabe things, even I didn't do a driving licence (I tried once) or buy a car, which now will be a thing for sell to pay for my tretment. Any money will help me to be honest, as I have a problems at the moment to buy enough food for my self, and I am asking all the time my family for help or some strangers helping me with that, but I would like to be on "other side" and help, not ask for help. So, any money if I raise some there will be spend for food, suplements (variety of them) and health treatment in general.

Thank's for reading, any dontation will be appreaciated.


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