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by Katy Griffin in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

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Thera-Sea's aim is to teach people how to master their own well-being through a lifestyle approach to health.

by Katy Griffin in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

My bigger plans are to deliver Thera-Sea throughout the UK and offer specialist retreats to children and adolescents. 

My vision:

My vision for Thera-Sea is not small and I believe that education is key to improving well-being and I need your support to help take Thera-Sea to the next level and make it available for everyone.  

I need to ask for your support to raise £5000 for much needed equipment, securing our fantastic staff team and our stunning locations.

My story:

Over the past eleven years, I have worked with a variety of patients with varying needs. My experience includes working on acute wards to psychiatric intensive care, child and adolescent mental health services, community mental health teams and residential care for young offenders, both as a mental health nurse and support worker.

I have trained in a variety of therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Analytical Therapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.  I also trained in solution-focused brief therapy and progressive lifestyle medicine, which over the years I have seen the best long-term outcomes for patients and are my preferred approaches.

My interest in mental health began during my childhood and I have been passionately committed to improving mental health services ever since. 

As a child, I lived through my Fathers battle with alcoholism. Transforming from a popular, fun loving, family man who ran a successful business, I witnessed him lose everything aged just forty six. 

The health system available to my Father was limited and was only offered far too late, sadly he has never fully recovered.

Since being a nurse I have discovered that most people don't need a pill they need a lifestyle prescription. Of all the patients I have seen over 80% of them don't have a true mental illness but are feeling overwhelmed due to the way we are living in the 21st century and do not realise the impact this has on our mental and physical health. 

Our minds are prehistoric, we have not evolved biologically for over 30,000 years. We are trying to run prehistoric hardware on a 21st century system, no wonder we crash once in a while. For too long the health system in the UK has offered a 20th century model to 21 century problems and I aim to change that.

From my professional and personal experience, I believe for many, becoming healthy is getting for too complicated. 


With my passion for the nature, adventure and the sea and after years of planning, October 2018 saw the launch of Thera-Sea that aims to change outdated preconceptions. 

Relax - Reset - Rediscover

Thera-Sea provides life changing well-being retreats by the coast that are educational and exciting in equal parts.

We take well-being back to basics within nature, our experienced professionals are passionate about giving people the tools they require to manage stress and improve well-being through educational workshops that will teach you simple skills to implement into your everyday life.

The educational courses break free from outdated preconceptions and enable people to take back control of their lives through a lifestyle approach to health. We help develop a greater knowledge of the body’s systems and how to utilise coping skills that can transform peoples lives.

Good mental and physical health has become far too confusing and we’re up against lots of contradictory information.

The retreats take a holistic approach to health and emphasises that it's not one element of your life that will keep you well but the combination of every aspect of our lives which is why we include delicious nutritional meals cooked by the talent 'The Aussie Smoker' an Australian BBQ master who uses the finest ingredients and recipes to ensure your body is getting every ounce of nutrition is require to function optimally. We also have have many adventures activities that take you back to nature including wild swimming, canoeing, bushcraft, yoga all taught by the best local experts that I have hand pick due to their expertise an passion for their craft and understanding the importance this has on well-being. 

Thera-Sea aims to improve lost connection with nature and our own well-being.

The good news is that there is a proven way to successfully treat stress. It’s called progressive lifestyle medicine.

               Thera-Sea is dedicated to this new and effective way of thinking.

Your donations:

So far every part of Thera-Sea has been funded out of my own wage, no business loans of family inheritance. Now to take Thera-sea to the next level and make the retreats available to everyone I need your support.

Your donations will be use to buy much needed equipment, secure our fantastic team, pay deposits for next years locations and staff and to help with advertising and marketing so more people are aware that we are here to help.

Any funds we receive over our target will be spent on further retreats being available and offering specialist retreats for children, adolescents and families.

If you or anyone of your loved ones have experienced any difficulties, please donate to help us educate everyone on how to master their own well-being.

Thank you xx

Here are some of Thera-Sea's Testimonials:

I recently went on the thera-sea course and found it a hugely valuable experience. I couldn't recommend it enough!
The setting was beautiful and the whole experience left me feeling relaxed and refreshed, but more than that, I have taken away knowledge about simple things that are causes of stress, also coping mechanisms that I have learnt to implement into my day to day life.
Since putting katy's lessons into practice things have improved greatly. I can't believe I was existing in such a fog for so long.
The course I did was one night and I am amazed how much such a short time has altered my thinking and changed my life for the better. I truly didn't realise how much I needed this!
Katy has a wealth of knowledge and is friendly and very welcoming.
The food was fantastic and the activities were great.
I think everyone would benefit from thera-sea! Xx

- Daisy Taylor, 2019

Didn't realise quite how much I needed this. My two nights with Thera-Sea were incredible - I left with a far better understanding of the signs of stress (many of which I had no idea about) and how to deal with them. It also helps that the entire experience was brilliantly fun, and that Katy is inspiringly knowledgable, professional, and totally awesome too. 

- Chris Sayer 2018

Exciting and educational in equal parts, I found my two days with the Thera-Sea team to be hugely beneficial. The opportunity to step away from technology and back to nature for a couple of days was really rewarding. Enjoyable from beginning to end 

- Richard Canavan, 2018

I don't consider myself a stressed person, but even I was surprised at how much I benefited from the insight and education of Katy's excellent course. The natural surroundings had a lasting calming effect on me, and two highlights were the wild swim (with a seal that popped up to say hello!) and the group activities. Also had one of the best nights sleep I can remember in a long time. I'd recommend Thera-Sea wholeheartedly. 

-Tom Player, 2018

An awesome couple of days spent on the banks of the River Fal. I live in Cornwall, but had never been to 7th Rise. The location is incredible and the course content is really thought provoking. Katy and the team have worked hard to create something truly unique and beneficial. 

-Tom Young 2018

I’ve now been on a couple of Thera-Sea courses and have really enjoyed them both.

Whilst I’ve never really considered myself a stressed person, I have been amazed how a few simple techniques have helped to improve my sleep, productivity and general well-being.

Being in such amazing locations really allowed the group to relax away from distractions of day to day life.

Katy’s passion and experience, combined with Marks amazing knowledge of bushcraft really made this a valuable and enjoyable course which I highly recommend.

- Mike Chapman, 2018

Set in a relaxed and friendly environment my one day masterclass with Thera-sea was most beneficial. Katy is very knowledgable and explained in ways easy to understand about stress, it's causes and effects, ways of managing stress, the importance of self preservation and the science and biology behind it. All of the information from the course was of great benefit to understanding the reasons for some of my behaviour and how best to manage and prevent it. Through my experience this type of therapy or counselling is not easily accessible and has a long waiting period. I found this a unique and informative experience with a non clinical feel, the food provided was delicious and catered for specific dietary requirements, with facilities and venue equally as good. Katy's focus on lifestyle medication I can see being a more permanent long term resolve for me and the realisation of effects of water sports in a natural environment was awakening, opposed to any short term gain from prescription medication. I would certainly recommend these workshops to others.

- Gareth Parker, 2018

As a serving member of the Fire service and an Ex Royal Marine commando Katie gave me some vital tools for dealing with stress managment in the work place as well as at home. The course was held in a very relaxed environment and I was extremely comfortable talking about my stress issues with Katie and the other members of the course. This was all topped off by a fun surf and some amazing grub.
 I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone.

- Colin Rees, 2018

Everyone should do this retreat!
A real eye opener even if you think it’s not for you. Held in a beautiful location, fun yet informative. The staff are super lovely too.
And just you wait til you try a bliss ball!

- Ryan Thrussell, 2019

This is exactly what we all need in this fast paced, modern world,
a 'preventative' method to stress and anxiety,
rather than 'shutting the gate after the horse has bolted' and throwing pharmaceuticals at people,
with a return to a simplistic lifestyle,
of a healthy body and mind and routine.
Katy ties this in with immersing yourself into the natural fun activity of Surfing, which has many other benefits of well being ....
The course was informative and relaxed giving insight and links to other avenues.
Comfortable location with awesomely tasty food after a fun surf!
Plug yourself into the Ocean, reconnect with nature....
and feel the difference.
 Surfing is my therapy!

- Jonny Wray, 2018

I was in desperate need to deal with my stress, at times lost in fear, anxiety and depression. I found Katy very informative, knowledgeable and with a vast array of pertinent experience in the field! Katy specialist tools and action plans with guidance and a practical approach to day to day solutions that work. Stress is all around us on different levels and layers which triggers both conscious and subconscious effects, sometimes the rut runs so deep that i get stuck in it feeling helpless, confused and frustrated. I am already more confident that i can create thoughts and behaviour which will enable me to break free from the rut and the destructive ripple effect stress has on my life. Her passion for stress release through exercise and particular the natural healing element of the sea is very powerful.

The support from Mark, with surf tips and guidance was a massive bonus and i felt very safe. After the surf it felt as though something had reset in my being and calm had returned. Katy also offered one on one, rapid solution therapy which was simple and deeply effective. The food was delicious. I am so grateful for this day and all it has given me, i highly recommend it.

- Charles Berry, 2018


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Cliff jumping and well-being advice

Join Thera-Sea and Four elements adventure for an afternoon of cliff jumping and informal chat about living well around stunning Newquay.

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Surf lesson and well-being advice

Join Thera-Sea and Four elements adventure for a fun surf lesson and informal chat about living well in stunning Newquay.

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Well-being video

Receive a Thera-Sea well-being video that gives you tips on how to improve your well-being.

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1hr 1:1 with Katy

Have a full hour session with Katy to discuss all your well-being needs and seek advice and support. This can be delivered face to face in Newquay or over the phone.

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Thera-Sea well-being retreat mid week 2020

Mid week 2 night retreat in 2020. This two day well-being retreat provides people with the tools they need to manage stress and improve well-being through progressive lifestyle medicine and ocean sports. This course will take you back to basics within nature at our spectacular secluded location on the banks of the River Fal in the heart of Cornwall, that is only reachable on foot or by boat. For a brochure please contact me.

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Thera-Sea well-being retreat weekend 2020

Weekend 2 night retreat in 2020. This two day well-being retreat provides people with the tools they need to manage stress and improve well-being through progressive lifestyle medicine and ocean sports. This course will take you back to basics within nature at our spectacular secluded location on the banks of the River Fal in the heart of Cornwall, that is only reachable on foot or by boat. For a brochure please contact me.

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Thera-Sea well-being retreat weekend 2019

Weekend 2 night retreat in 2020. This two day well-being retreat provides people with the tools they need to manage stress and improve well-being through progressive lifestyle medicine and ocean sports. This course will take you back to basics within nature at our spectacular secluded location on the banks of the River Fal in the heart of Cornwall, that is only reachable on foot or by boat. For a brochure please contact me.

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Thera-Sea Sri Lanka for returning guests only

This is a special offer available to returning guests only. 25/01/2020-01/02/2020

£995 or more

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Thera-Sea Sri Lanka surf & yoga well-being retreat

The ultimate get way to help to relax, rest and redisover what keeps you well with this 7 night retreat with Thera-Sea in a stunning location by the beach in Sri Lanka. 7 days of surf lessons by highly experienced ex professional surfers. 2 x daily yoga sessions, delicious fresh local food, 5 x well-being workshops, 1-2-1 well-being session and a days excursion to a stunning location. (flights not included) For a brochure please contact me.

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Private retreat in Cornwall

For your own group, we offer a tailor made 2 night retreats for up to 10 people depending on the need/requirements of your group. For a brochure please contact me.

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