EDF Global Asteroid Defence System

by Kujo5 in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

EDF Global Asteroid Defence System
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

PROJECT GOAL To design, build and maintain a global asteroid defence ASAP! Aliens where are they? Maybe they got squished by space rocks!

by Kujo5 in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Your living on a planet without an asteroid defence! see Chelyabinsk for details !!!

That HAS to change, it's all part of growing up in the Cosmos

INSERT COIN FOR CONTINUED EXISTANCE ( aka chuck money at us and get tweeting )

Now if you have deep pockets we might add ketchup with that, just remember we are here to build an asteroid defence not a T-shirt factory !  ( ps your life time EDF tax bill is approx £70 ) ... isn't life tragic!

An immense task lies ahead of us, this 'keep it all' campaign means EVERY £1 counts regardless of how much we raise, no need to wait and see, just pledge away! 

As hard core engineers we like to get on with things, Insert coin for the biggest bang per buck you've ever seen!

ALTO1 ( air launch to orbit )

We are developing a low cost Hypersonic comet interceptor, we need something that can cross the Karman line at Mach 4 so the plane is  going to be powered by a pair of turbo ramjets that are optimised for its unique 'flight regime'  fuel consumption might be suspect! but we are on a mission to save the world!

ATMOS drones will capture unique close up footage of asteroids and comets entering the upper atmosphere. The primary camera is rearward facing, the drones will dive earthward at speeds up to Mach 10 with the space rocks (at Mach 50+) rapidly overtaking them from behind! 

Direct intercept is reserved for 'emegencies' and there is no need for a warhead because the kinect energy at Mach 60 closing speeds vastly exceeds any chemical bang! Initial payloads will be glitter jell or dyed ice for radar tracking and photographic analysis, pretty + usefull 


The ALTO1 is a 3 seater. Pilot, observer plus an Andromeda Class avionics android in the aft of nose cone! ( the female android is based on the Mk1 Chrystabot ) the android and the aircraft feature Mk2 optoneuronics, all very sci fi but very practical too especially when your intercepting giant exploding plasma balls at the edge of space! ... insert coin for future 'flight sim' fun!





Q) Why the £735 target ?

A) To remind us of the 7.35 billion souls on earth

Q) Aren't we tracking NEO's allready ?

A) Some of them yes, but for every predictable NEO there's a bazillion unpredictable space rocks that we cant track and we wont see until there minutes or seconds from impact!

Q) Why no video intro?

A) For every $1/hour we spend on eye candy we need to spend 99 on nuts n bolts or we would never get the job done! EDF videos are going to be a bit thin on the ground in the short term!

Q) Are you putting your own time and money into this?

A) Yes, WAY too much! but we won't make a dent without massive support! so get backing and get tweeting!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£70 or more

Asteroid Defence Tax ( paid in full )

This is your 'lifetime' bill, a mere £1 a year which shall be entered into our big black book. Optional listing in our digital hall of fame ( include your good will message and /or photo) Plus the Digital Collector teir

£1 or more

EDF TAX ( 1 year )

One years 'Asteroid defence tax' entry into our digital black book

£2 or more

News Letter

EDF Newsletter plus the reward above

£4 or more

Pansensis Q App

While the App is primarily intended for future owners of our Mk1 Androids (see extra info) the droids and the App have Asteroid Warning and Detetection features built in. ( Note: this is an early alpha release with free updates for life ) plus all the rewards above

£10 or more

EDF TAX ( 10 years )

10 years 'Asteroid defence tax', entry into our digital black book with the option to have your name listed in our digital hall of fame plus all the rewards above.

£20 or more

Digital Artbook

EDF digital art book plus all the rewards above.

£40 or more

Digital Collector

Behind the scenes digital photo book including design sketches, blueprints and engineers notes. 3D art book including CAD files, Sound FX files including asteroid warning siren! EDF digital year book plus pre alpha software demos (with more bugs than bytes) plus all the rewards above.

£77 or more

EDF Tax Certificate ( hard copy )

Everything in the £70 teir plus an officially stamped paper certificate ( suitable for frameing) Available in A4, A5 or A6 sizes

£100 or more


Invitation to a private event London UK ( circa December 2018 ) plus all the rewards above

£200 or more

EDF'est V.I.P.

Invitation to the private after event dinner with the design and engineering team, a VIP hamper plus all the rewards above

£500 or more

EDF'est V.S.P.

Guest of honour at the event, EDF Astropin, VSP hamper, private Q and A session with key team members plus all the rewards above

£735 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Let the children boogie

The proverbial Star man no doubt! Historically unique EDF tech medal handcrafted out of solid silver! plus all the unlimited rewards above

£7,350 or more

0 of 1 claimed

By the Chariots of the gods

The children of a thousand suns shall know thy name. Historically unique EDF tech medal handcrafted out of solid gold! plus all the unlimited rewards above.

£73,501 or more

0 of 1 claimed

CGI/Art Film Maker 'Chrystal Rain' script rights

Chrystal Rain is an EDF themed script with roots linked to the Chelyabinsk incident. We feel the script lends itself to CGI/Art film style but look forward to your interpretation. You get world exclusive film & book rights plus a Terrabyte of 3D animations & technical CAD files plus a painterly storyboard as foundation/spring board to work from. Radio broadcast rights are included for the Jeff Wayne's out there, now that would be a coup de grace

£73,502 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Film Maker Special 'ALTO1 movie prop +'

You get a life size functional mock up of the ALTO1 Space Plane, fully loaded! includes a Mk1 Andromeda class fem'droid co pilot, mobile support vehicle, EDF cyberbling, crew uniforms the works! We will work with you to ensure maximum realism regards EDF protocols and operating procedure and provide on set technical support as required plus an EDF themed mega hamper for cast and crew. * Alternate EDF vehicles are available including SKYLANCE

£735,000 or more

EDF CITY GUARD coming to a city near you!

The 'real steel' EDF turns up on your doorstep and takes up permanent residence! You get a localized training and recruitment officer (12 months) 24/7/365 telephone support ( 18 months ) and a VERY LARGE shipping container stuffed full of EDF Vehicles, copious spare parts and operational supplies. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE ... IT'S TIME TO PUT YOUR CITY ON THE COSMIC MAP!

Let's make 'EDF Global Asteroid Defence System' happen